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Question about chinook books

  1. Just curious if many people buy them and what they think of them. I bought one last year, I like the idea of them, but then I get frustrated because I don't use so. Or it's the "buy one get one syndrome" and I am single.

    The book never seems to be real user friendly either. I will see coupons I want to use then forget them or if I tear them out I lose them...

    Wonder if there would be any way to equitably share one with someone whose tastes are very different - or even just make unwanted coupons available to someone else.

    I for example have no use for coupons that are child related, sports related, several other categories - can't think what right now. Just a thought.

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  2. I used ours this last year. I didn't use lots, but certainly enough to pay for the book (which I bought for $12 at costco). WS Thriftway and Bartells especially. I also did a big trade with someone from the blog back during the summer. So doing a little coupon trade party is a good idea.

    I also usually pull the coupons I know I will use and either put them in my coupon holder for the grocery store or in my wallet.

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  3. herongrrrl
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    I love the Chinook Book! I buy several every year. Even paying full price for mine (for fundraisers), they always more than pay for themselves. I've also done coupon swaps before, especially exchanging stuff that is not local to WS for WS stuff. I've seen swap offers posted on craigslist before and had good luck with those. I agree with Wolfie, it's a lot easier to use them if you pull out the ones you're most likely to use and stick them in your wallet or whatever. Pretty cumbersome to carry the whole book around all the time.

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  4. They also have a mobile app. It was unbearably slow, but has gotten much better recently. Pros: lower cost than the book, search by proximity, always with you. Cons: not as good for browsing as the book. I buy it from fundraising kids and pretty much break even with it using PCC and Bartell's coupons. Don't do much more with it than that.

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  5. Monosyllabic Girl
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    FYI The WS Thriftway isn't participating on the coupons this year :( At least not on the Thriftway sponsored ones, they might still take the manufacturer

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  6. I have purchased a Chinook book the past few years and love it. However, I'm in the same boat as Wren (single, no kids) so I'm always dragging friends out to get coffee, dinner or ice cream with me. I tend to pull out the coupons I like and then let my friends take a look through the book and take what they want. I also have the mobile app (I think I have a coupon problem!), but it more than pays for itself and I've tried out quite a few new businesses. I just wish there were more West Seattle places, it seems many are north of downtown which can be a hassle.

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  7. pattilea
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    My son attends The STEM school, and they are selling them as a fund raiser if anyone is interested, please let me know. They sell foe $20.00 and the school gets to keep 50%! This is a brand new AWESOME public school. And we could really use the funds!
    Contact me at

    Thank you

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