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Query about posting things to sell

  1. I just reread the do/don't rules about posting, so I need some clarification. Management (and others) please let me know if some or all of this posting is acceptable

    I have some lovely calendars and photographs for sale The theme is nautical,water and nature - many are of alki beach and Lincoln Park.

    Because of timing, I only participated in one crafts show and they sold nicely. I do not have a website yet either unfortunately. Now my questions

    Would it be acceptable for me to post details to sell these on the blog?

    Does anyone have any thoughts on any where I might sell them.

    Finally I am also open to trading for other crafts or perhaps a massage.

    I can be reached directly at

    thanks. Wren

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  2. wren..maybe write to the editor and ask privately? They don't always hang here on the forums..

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  3. Rebecca
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    Wren, are you familiar with Etsy? Joining and setting up an online shop there is free. I think you only pay (very low fee) to post an item and they take a small percentage of transactions. More info here:

    I love browsing and shopping that site for unique items, esp. during the holidays. I'd also love to see your work!

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  4. desertdweller
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    I second @Rebecca's suggestion of Etsy. I have a shop that sells vintage homegoods and it's a fun and supportive community. Let me know if you have any questions about the process--I'm happy to help.

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  5. I also love etsy. I have a small herb shop and it is extremely easy to run and was very easy to set up. It is free to set up a shop, you pay 20 cents for each listing and then they take a small % of your sales. I have also bought many incredible homemade items off of etsy.

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  6. You would probably have more luck on Etsy since we don't really promote this as a place to sell things, and we try to keep sales to "big discount" whether it's a private item or a business offering. The major classifications we promote here are job offerings (not job WANTED, job OFFERED) and garage/yard/rummage sales. If someone does try posting a for-sale item, PLEASE do not simply put up a URL to your listing on Craigslist or whatever - that's not OK - this isn't a reposting service. Thanks - TR

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  7. Some of the posts people have made re: selling things are things that I think of as "I'd want to check with my neighbors first to see if they could use it, before going out to a bunch of strangers." Hard to write a rule for that or quantify. But I know them when I see them ...

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  8. Hi everyone - thanks for your responses. Yes, ETSY is probably a good way to go. I just thought it would be fun to try to sell some of them locally since it is scenes of Seattle.

    TR - I am not sure who you are and your response still isn't completely clear for me. I would discount slightly for bloggers and I certainly would not post a URL to craigslist. I have considered craigslist, but am a little leary of meeting perfect strangers to show my photographs.


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  9. I saw Wren's calendars at the WSUU art show, and they're really beautiful photos.

    Wren, "TR" is Tracy Record, the WSB co-editor. You can always email her at for more clarification.

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  10. If you're looking to stay local, you should check out EtsyRain. It's folks who have Etsy shops but live in Seattle. I'm not involved with them, but saw that they had a craft show last month.

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