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[pro sports] two days later...

  • Started 2 years ago by redblack
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  1. redblack
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    look. i'm not a corporate sports nut or anything, but after the seahawks' crushing defeat of arizona on sunday, i can't believe there hasn't been a single post about it from people who are corporate sports nuts.

    i only watch pro football if i'm bored out of my skull, and it doesn't usually go very far to alleviate my boredom. but even i had to admit that that game was shocking in its brutality.

    so if this is the only way to instill civic pride these days...

    hmm. maybe we should nominate the seahawks' defense for mayor. yeah. a top-two mayoral match up:

    seahawks' defense versus the tunnel boring machine.

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  2. I was holding one of the parabolic dishes on the sidelines. This was unbelievable.

    The Seahawk fan has always been a little rough around the edges. Not gangster like the Raiders but a tough (and slightly buzzed) very loud group of maniacs. Kind of like our city, nice enough but not that friendly.

    They do not like opposing jerseys and are very crude at times. But, these days they are loyal, rabid fans. I am so glad they did not leave back in the Behring years.

    I am not a Hawk fan but Holmgren and now Carrol are bringing back a product for people to get behind. The Northwest loves its football and to have a competitive team is only a bonus for the city.

    Personally the refs handed the Hawks a victory when they played the Packers, but we will be meeting in the playoffs and you know what? The Seahawks are starting to peak and may beat them fairly a second time.

    Russell Wilson has grown so much. I told people a QB needs 8 games to start understanding the game. Mr. Wilson is only getting better and it shows. Plus, having a damn fine defense helps.

    A little more consistency, less Adderol, and the ability to win on the road will make this team tough to beat.

    So yell until your hoarse Seahawk fans. You have something to yell about.

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  3. 365Stairs
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    RB - thanks for posting...I think it was such a lop-sided win with so many things that went right for the team / fans...the shock of it is just wearing off.

    To those who think the Hawks were running up the, they weren't. Either way...No Mercy in NFL!

    I was not a Russell Wilson fan...but he is some special kid to handle the pressure so fast. Likely the best decision the coach made this year.

    Was great to see Flynn work out a little bit...think about THAT job...highest paid backup in the league!

    What more to say about Lynch? The guy is simply a powerhouse yards maker!

    The team is gelling at the right time!

    Proof will be to win out or go 2-1...and hopefully get a home playoff game!

    Superbowl? Skeptical...but certainly hopeful!

    Giants were 9-7 one year and they won it...

    Rich - how the heck do you get to hold the mic?

    And BTW...I agree about the Greenbay game...but its been evened out in my eyes in Miami...

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