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Prenatal Massage Recommendations

  1. Hello, the other threads on prenatal massage appear to be several years old, and massage therapists move around. Anyone have any good recent recommendations? I would really prefer someone who has the pillows so I could lay on my stomach if at all possible. Also I have insurance.

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  2. Ingrid was amazing! West Seattle Wellness - notice she doesn't have prenatal massage listed but she does it (when you click to schedule it appears as an option) and i couldn't have gotten through my pregnancy last year without her - she takes insurance too! Located in the junction and she does have the pillows you mentioned.

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  3. I highly recommend Stephanie Ross at Mean Girls Massage in Burien. I went to her during my 2nd & 3rd trimester in 2011, when I had REALLY tight hips and restless leg syndrome like you would not believe!

    She takes insurance, and has pillows. I didn't lay on my stomach, so I would ask her in advance about that possibility.

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  4. rockergirl5678
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    I agree with Sassy - Mean Girls Massage is awesome - I took my daughter there for a pregnancy massage and I go to Stephanie and Jen for regular massage as well. They are wonderful and I highly recommend them, Online appts. available too.

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  5. I recommend Meaghan at 35th Ave chiro. I saw her throughout my whole pregnancy and she is AMAZING!!

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  6. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! Baby came early so I'll have to check these out for post-natal massage. :)

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  7. AJP...congratulations ! :)

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