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Police cars and boats along Beach Drive?

  1. sadlywarm469
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    I have seen police cars and boats wandering around the beach drive area the hole day, they seem to be searching for somethin or someone it looks like but I dont know what, can anyone give further detail?

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  2. sadlywarm469
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    The boat seems to be looking for something in the water.

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  3. hope it is not a scuba diver

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  4. Still out there (the police boat) with blue light flashing but looks to be heading out further into the water.

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  5. We checked into this after getting a text and e-mail while the boat was out there. Went down to look; couldn't determine anything that way. According to SPD's night lieutenant, it was not their boat, and they had no incident working. Also, there was no water rescue/search situation, so no, it wasn't a diver, or anyone else in trouble.

    Checking with SFD and USCG later this morning to see if by any chance it was one of theirs. There ARE nighttime drills on occasion (we have solved a few mysteries on that account).

    Regarding police cars in the area earlier - had no report of that previously. Please call or text us any time if you see something of note - 206-293-6302 - best way to get us on the case. Likely unrelated to the boat, but you never know. Did you see officers actually out on foot, seeming to be searching?


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  6. Saw this tweet yesterday -

    SeattlePD William2@SeattlePDW2

    Beat:W2, HARBOR - WATER EMERGENCIES at 45XX BLOCK OF BEACH DR SW reported on 1/13/2013 5:40 PM, Call# 13000014732

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  7. Here's the story. Not an emergency, in the end, although the mystery is still not completely solved despite two police conversations, one Coast Guard conversation, and one exchange with the fab folks at Beach Drive Blog:

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