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plan BS

  1. What Boehner won't tell you

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  2. waynster
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    Job they the teapublicans still haven't learned and their days are running short like the nights are long....

    but I did like this article got a chuckle out of it.....

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  3. Republicans were Plan B in November.

    The voters went with Plan A.


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  4. Boehner couldn't get the votes from his fellow Republicans to pass Plan B.
    They went home for Christmas instead.

    Was it because they only restored the Bush tax cuts for people making less than a million?

    who knows.

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  5. what I heard this evening...that they rejected Plan B because it gave away too was too much of a compromise.Wonder how many TeaBaggers left? I understand that they want no tax increases, no matter what...

    time to exercise our right to vote the next time these buffoons come up for re-election.

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  6. hooper1961
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    it is time to set realistic income thresholds, an individual $250,000 and a person with a lifetime partner $500,000.

    raising the retirement age, and refining the COLA for SS are long over due.

    also stop extending unemployment benefits; use the money instead for infrastructure re-building.

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  7. hoop
    refining the COLA sounds really good until you realize that over the next 10 years it means that seniors will lose about 3 months of their food budget to the "refined" COLA.

    this might look like a diet plan to you
    but tho those who will go hungry it looks like starvation

    with all of the money we literally gift the wealthy and major corporations..
    you think our budget needs to be balanced by starving people to death?

    i admit, it's efficient. it puts a sudden end to the need to pay benefits...
    but don't you think that starving people so you don't have to pay more taxes is just a little self serving? just a little?

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  8. hoop

    "stop extending unemployment benefits; use the money instead for infrastructure re-building."

    this will work for the small percentage of people who can work in construction...
    but what happens to the rest of them

    are they to become another statistic for the starvation death squads?

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  9. btw. for those who think me a little extreme

    i have decided to respond with the same extremity of rhetoric used by those offering these solutions...

    because it is clear that the rhetoric of reason isn't getting through

    this old lady has simply had enough!

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  10. "Special Delivery, for hooper!"

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