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Oh Jaaaaa-aaaan!

  1. Have you been having trouble receiving e-mails, as far as you know?

    Several I've sent to you in probably the past week or so have bounced back. Not as undeliverable, but as "delayed".

    It states that I do no need to resend.

    The latest one is a reply to the "Merry Christmas" one you sent me.

    So, is there actually an issues, or is the "postmaster" full of it" ;-)

    It's now a little after 7:00, Christmas morning, and I'll be going off line again, until who knows when, probably within the next couple of hours or so.

    As I said in the reply, Merry Christmas to you too!


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  2. I haven't gotten an email on that account for a week now. I thought maybe you had just decided to ignore me - lol. Try mmfeelgood at gmail dot com :)

    The postmaster is holding my mail for some reason that I can't figure out..

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  3. Betty T
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    Hi Jan
    I don't know you personally, only met you briefly once but---Merry Christmas and wishing you much better health in the New Year.

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  4. thanks, Betty...that is my goal for the New Year...and..things actually are getting better.

    Merry Christmas to you, too...:)

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  5. funny thing, Mike...I can send email from there, just can't get it :(. Am working with the people that I got the domain name the meantime, use the other email addy I gave above :)

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  6. Well, Jan, I'm kinda, sorta, occasionally, intermittently, unintentionally, ignoring everybody, until I get my own internet connection, hopefully by tomorrow afternoon/evening. But, not ignoring you personally! ;-)

    Was just now catching up on e-m, and saw where the Merry Christmas e-m from you, that I replied to the other day, came back as undeliverable.

    I think to your goal list for 2013, you need to add meeting Betty face to face, and of course that needs to be on her goal list as well, and I know it's on mine! :-)


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