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nuisance neighbors

  1. nativewa
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    Honestly I try to get along with my neighbors...mainly by minding my own business. I am having a problem with one neighbor all the time. Sometimes its the pit bulls off leash, fights between the couple in their front yard, but mainly its the vehicles piled up in their driveway, front of their house, and now a big suv with attached utility trailer parked in front of my house for one week now. These people are scary and I live alone. How to get them to get their vehicles down to a reasonable amount? Four vehicles (2 drivers), one camper shell, and one utility trailer is my view! I thought W Seattle was classier than this!

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  2. "I thought W Seattle was classier than this!"

    Only West of 35th.......

    I keed, I keed.

    Wish I had some advice. Talking to them about it sounds scary and more than likely not very successful. Off leash dog? Sounds illegal. Cars stacked up in front of YOUR house? Sounds illegal.

    Somebody on here probably has some good advice.

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  3. hexghost
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    Pretty sure having a vehicle parked on the road without it being moved (especially a camper) for a week is illegal - you may want to follow up on that.

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  4. I have had some success with this type of thing.

    The first thing to act on is the pitbulls. Call Animal Control, and even if the pitbulls are back in the yard when they arrive, if the animals aren't licensed, the owners will have to shell out for that. (Licenses are more expensive if they aren't spay/neutered.)

    Next, junked cars. There is a maximum of, I think three OPERABLE cars on the property. I don't think you're allowed to have ANY junkers.

    You file the complaint with the Department of Planning and Development. Here's their main page:

    Here's a page listing codes they enforce:

    I have good luck getting a neighbor of mine to shape up using this method.

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  5. nativewa
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    The camper is in the driveway, along with a car, and a storage tent - all in front of a garage!

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  6. nativewa
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    Thanks DBP! Will look into those websites! I know the rest of the neighbors will thank you too!

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  7. Curious…Why is a Camper, car, and storage tent parked in THEIR driveway, in front of THEIR garage, a nuisance to you?

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  8. There is a city code for street parking, 72 hr (3 day limit) without moving. So if a camper/trailer is parked on the street without being moved in the last 72 hrs you can report it, response is slow but it may be an option.

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