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Nicklesville... your time is over. Move on.

  1. After stopping by and seeing what has become of it... its time to go. This slum, which was once a sanctuary in a transitional period in people's life, is now a rat infested bowl of disgustingness.

    Nomads... pick up your tents. Plant elsewhere and improve your lives. your complacency is beginning to rear its head.


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  2. I visited this week and echo your concerns..

    but a good deal of what looks so bad now was generated in trying to get all of the structures raised.

    There is another work party there this weekend to clean up the camp.

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  3. Genesee Hill
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    Genesee Hill

    Yes. They want no rules, but handouts. Catch the next freight train out of West Seattle. Please.

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  4. Genessee
    That no rules thing is a myth.
    People who live in Nickelsville have more rules to follow than you think
    And draconian penalties for breaking them

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  5. I have never been in their position so I will not judge them. Nor have they brought any harm to myself or people I know. As for people who are charitable. It is neither demeaning to receive or give. This thread bothers me.

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  6. I believe the biggest gift you can give another human being is to see them as a human being regardless of their circumstances

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  7. I agree with Velo......

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  8. And, you all just want these people to disappear, go somewhere else, so you don't have to see them? That's what I'm guessing.Out of sight, out of mind. I don't think I'd want judgemental Velo as a neighbor, either...

    How easy do you think it is to live in a tent when it's cold, and pouring rain, and easy do you think it is to do "housekeeping" in that scenario? There but for the grace of, etc.etc.etc.....I cannot condemn these people, although I disagree with some of the reasons that some of them stay. It just makes me very sad that some would treat a fellow human this way...kick them out of town, go somewhere else.:(

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  9. Jan... You obviously don't understand my posts meaning.

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  10. yes, I do...I'm quite familiar with still hurts my heart to see people like Gen. Hill tell them to take a train out of they aren't worth as much as him. And you... you stop and look...have you ever spoken with anyone there, ever helped, ever taken a meal. I can't-my illness and low immune system prevents me from going to any camp like that. I have in the past, though, and I've broken bread with them, and sat around their the just hurts my heart that some feel these people can just be discarded, that they are shiftless, lazy..nomads, complacent...

    and where exactly would you want them to go, Velo?

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  11. the clean-up at nickeslville is still happening this weekend.. for anyone who wants to go work in the mud..

    in consideration of volunteers, they have postponed the "public" clean-up party till next weekend when it is expected to be dryer.

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  12. velo..

    the current mess at Nickelsville is the result of the flood that occurred there this fall... and really hasn't stopped.

    every time it rains, they flood.. though not as badly as the flood that got all of the news attention...

    they keep playing catch up trying to clean up from that initial mess and get tents far enough out of the muck to prevent more mess every time the water rises.

    in addition, nickelsville was overwhelmed with donations after that flood that they didn't have the resources to handle...

    this is one of those situations where the kindness of others has actually made things somewhat worse..

    they are finally getting a handle on things and attempting to turn the situation around..
    but it isn't easy and residents get very discouraged.

    as a bike rider, you are likely more immune to the weather than most..
    but imagine what life would be like if the soaking you got wasn't temporary..
    if you couldn't get warm or dry and your muscles tightened up and you were easily injured?

    this is what everyone who lives in Nickelsville faces every time it rains.

    the city botched a plan for the sunny jim site because of contamination..
    yet it would have been far healthier for the residents of Nickelsville to be under shelter than wading in the same kind of toxic mulch in the containment pond they call home.

    instead of blaming the individuals who find themselves stuck in Nickeslville,
    we should blame the system that leaves them without better options.

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