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Nickelsville Meal Calendar

  1. One of the local donors organized a meal calendar for Nickelsville on to make it easier for individuals and groups to schedule meal delivery for Nickelsville

    To sign up for taking a meal to Nickelsville log onto
    then enter "nickelsville" in the section for family name'
    enter the current calender year "2012" in the section for 'passcode'.

    A schedule should then appear where you can type in the meal donor's name and contact info...
    if it's a group bringing the meal, please list a specific contact person & their tel.#--just in case some major change in events occurs at Nickelsville)

    list the meal menu, if possible, so the next group doesn't give the camp residents the same food.

    If you have any problems or questions you can contact Mary Anne DeVry, 206-790-3631.

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  2. bump..

    please feel free to repost this wherever you think it might be effective...

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  3. This is so cool!

    Thanks, Mary Anne, and Jo!


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  4. i didn't do the work on this one..
    in fact.. i spent so much time looking for the perfect solution to a Nickelsville meal calendar that Mary Ann kicked this into high gear:)

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  5. i didn't do the work on this one..

    But you are sharing the info! :-)


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  6. miws

    "But you are sharing the info! :-)"

    only because i am more housebound these days and thus have more time:)

    Besides.. i believe all good ideas deserve promotion... and this one has the capability to be a very good idea.

    MaryAnn and i both agreed on that.. but she's the one who realized any solution was better than the waiting for the best possible option...

    sometimes you just can't see the forest for the trees ;->

    the calendar meets two needs.. as a tool for coordination of meals and as a visible representation of their need.

    i hope more people take the time to check it out and use it.

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  7. Nice meeting you yesterday, Mary Anne! :-)


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