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Metro Help?

  1. Starting next week, I'm going to be temping in Downtown Seattle. I hate driving in the downtown core, and I don't even want to talk about how much parking costs, so I'm going to ride the bus. When I used trip planner, it indicated that I should catch the 21 at 29th and Barton. Perhaps I am crazy, but I can't find a stop there. From what I can see, that's just a lineup spot for metro buses. What am I missing?

    Of course, it just now occurred to me that maybe the stop is on the other side of the street, but when I called metro, they said the bus runs east on Barton, so that can't be right. Does anyone else take the 21 into downtown at 6:46 weekdays? Would you be so kind as to tell me where I'm supposed to be?

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  2. Hi Halyn, with all of the changes during the last "Shake-Up" at the end of September, I'm not 100% certain, (but am in the 90 percentile certain), that you should be able to catch a 21 to Downtown, at the fancy new rapid Ride shelter/stop, on the south side of Barton, by Roxhill Park, eastbound.

    The bus will leave there, then AFAIK, if the buses are back on regular route after some roadwork nearby, will take a right onto 26th, then to Roxbury, then to 35th, and on down the hill(s).

    Otherwise, I believe, it would go up to Delridge, to Rox, and so on.

    Hope this helps, and good luck!


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  3. Thanks miws!

    I thought that might be the case, but the guy on the phone for Metro insists that there is an eastbound stop at 29 and Barton, so I am terribly confused. I think I'll walk that stretch of Barton this weekend to see if I am maybe missing something when I'm driving by. I'm also going to be watching for that 21 bus to see where it goes!

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  4. You're welcome!

    Definitely a good idea to scout the area out.

    You might even want to hop on a 21 while you're doing that, and ride it "around the block".

    If you drive down to that general area, you could park nearby, catch the 21, then hop off at 35th & Barton by Tony's and walk back to your car.


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  5. The bus stop on Barton is just east of the parking area. The 21 goes east on Barton, south on 26th, west on Roxbury and north on 35th to downtown. The schedules are going to change on Friday(2-15-13) so check the web site on Saturday. I'm waiting to figure out how to get downtown too.

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  6. I doublechecked the trip planner yesterday, in case of any changes as of 2/15. I was kind of annoyed to see that the stop is still listed as 29 and Barton. I did check out the RapidRide stop further up the street. The sign for that stop indicates that the 21 picks up there for downtown, but that stop is labeled as 26 and Barton. I called the Metro contact number, and they are still telling me the stop is at 29th and Barton. This is pretty irritating. It shouldn't be such a pain, nor should there be so much confusion about where a bus stop is. If anyone connected to Metro reads this, how about making trip planning a little more user friendly?

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