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Meanders launches GoFiundMe site

  1. Just moving this story to the forums where it won't get lost as new stories crowd it out

    I know some people are not happy to see Miranda moving to White Center, but what's not to love about a location that will allow her to invest in better equipment to serve more people more quickly?

    i remember when people were fussing about Zippy's moving to White Center too.. but that was ultimately a good move for them... and for us too.

    Not only can i find parking now, but i don't have to eat my burger in the car. The pups think sharing means badgering me for every bite and i wasn't getting much bang for my burger buck that way. Now i can eat in peace and share leftovers ;)

    I am glad that Miranda is taking this leap of faith to keep her restaurant going... that takes guts...

    for those who want a little added incentive to donate... hubby and i purchased one of Miranda's dinners... I will give a seat at that table to the next 5 people who pledge $100 and put I want to eat with Jo in the comment line. You can get Miranda's incentives and dinner with me too :->

    Yup, I believe in her and what she is doing that much.

    Of course, if dinner with hubby and I and likely JanS and the c@lbobs isn't an incentive... you don't need to eat with us to help Miranda out.

    I will warn you though.. there will be no political discourse while dinner is being served. I will be too busy eating to take even the most tempting bait. the last dinner she prepared for us was more than memorable. I refuse to distract myself from what's on the table while such good food is on offer.

    if you want to talk politics instead of savor dinner..
    we can always meet over a drink somewhere.

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  2. direct link to her go fund me site

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  3. The Velvet Bulldog
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    Straight bumpin'.

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  4. perhaps i should have offered an additional incentive that included not having dinner with me ;->

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  5. funkietoo
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    I donated a few days ago...for a bunch of reasons:
    -Local person
    -Yummy food
    -Owner has the courage and heart to open/continue her business during difficult economic times;
    -Owner is a generous community supporter. She constantly donates gift certificates to local charity events
    -This is a woman owned business. I believe woman need to support other women. (Before I get blasted, this comment is meant to encourage networking and support between women, not dis men)

    Please consider donating any amount you can afford. $1, $5, $13, ....any amount.

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  6. JoB~
    You're on!!!

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  7. cool! I will be happy to include the Mrs...
    There are 3 seats left at our table of 10.

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  8. I can vouch for the fact that Jo is a delightful dining companion.

    She doesn't belch, excessively slurp her drink, or try to see how many whole baby red potatoes she can stuff in her mouth at once.

    I find that very refreshing, as it lessens the competition.


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  9. JoB~

    Thanks, we're really looking forward to the experience.

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  10. sbre.. me too.

    miws... you haven't shared a seafood boil with me yet:)
    maybe we will have to get a group together and do that one of these days
    i love eating with my hands

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  11. meanders has put up some new incentives...
    check these out

    i can schedule dinner as soon as we fill 3 more seats:)

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  12. Bump!

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  13. Betty T
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    When will the New Meanders be opening? My friend and I ate there a couple weeks ago and I told the cook that it was nice to see a happy cook that enjoyed his work. He was very fast, efficient and organized. The waitress thought they were keeping both places. A fact? Didn't know she served dinners. Guess need more info.

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  14. Betty, I think Miranda is hoping for December.


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  15. bump for a good cause

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  16. Bump

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