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MBIWS-------*or*---------I Have Been Living a Lie....

  1. .....and that "lie" is, as some of you know, that I have actually been living in Pioneer Square (mips) for the last several months, in a Transitional Housing Program.

    During that time, I was getting help with applying for permanent, Subsidized Housing, and other benefits.

    I was awarded Social Security Disability, and was able to start looking into affordable Market Rate Housing, as the waitlist for Subsidized are so long (typical minimum is three years.)

    Anyway, I signed a lease on a very reasonably priced apartment, in Highland Park today, so I'm officially back in West Seattle!

    I'm still paid up through the end of the month in Transitional, so am not going to be rushed out the door there. That'll give me a chance to get some basic essentials (which is looking good already, thanks to friends that have already replied to an e-mail I sent out!)

    Anyway, I know many of you have been wondering what was going on in my life now, and this is it!

    I would like to thank everyone that has helped me out throughout all of this, and also to thank everyone that has helped out Nickelsville, and continues to do so, even long after I left!


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  2. charlabob
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    Welcome home Mike. Email me with list of what you need. I have a few houses full of stuff you can use to make your house a home. :-)

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  3. Yay... welcome home, Mike!!!

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  4. FionaEnzo
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    What wonderful news for the holidays, Mike!! Congrats.

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  5. miws..

    you didn't give up...
    and it paid off :)

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  6. Mike:

    Glad you will be MIWS again. I was amazed by your knowledge of Ferry Trivia recently. Just let your community know of a need and we'll kick in unless it is an upgrade to Arbor point with 270 degree views...

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  7. inactive
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    Post a list of what you need most Mike!

    Mazeltov and halleluiah! :D

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  8. Thanks everyone!

    I might wait a few days to post a wish list, because the offers have been pouring in already! (And it's a small apartment, not enough counter space for 30 toasters!)

    Jo, thank you. But I had a lot of help too. ;-)


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  9. Betty T
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    Santa Clause must have got your letter! Merry Christmas!

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  10. miws..

    i don't know how to tell you this dude
    but none of succeed without a little help from someone.

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  11. isn't it wonderful how things come together when they come together:)

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  12. furryfaces
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    Way to go Mike! We are excited to have one of our F-cuber back in West Seattle!

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  13. Mike -- SO glad to hear it! I have been following your journey via the Blog with you. I too would be happy to help you set up your household if you need.... an idea I had was maybe a couple people could each pick a room of your new home. I could stock your bathroom, I'm in the process of purging extras and have found a shower curtain, towels etc.... Would even be happy to buy soap, shampoo, toothpaste, TP etc..... Please let me/us know and Merry Christmas!

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  14. celeste17
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    Glad you are coming back to this side of the bridge.

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  15. Thanks again, everyone!

    jissy, a shower curtain is needed, and would be much appreciated!

    Also, the towels and such. TP is "on the list", but I checked and there is a partial roll on the holder! ;-)

    I just recently bought some shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, to replace what is running low in my current situation. But, liquid hand soap is on the list with the TP!


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  16. Welcome home brother. I am happy for you.

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  17. Mike -- I will be happy to get all that stuff together and anything else I think a bathroom might need. Can you give me an idea of when you would like it? I'll just set out to do a bathroom-like care package, how 'bout that!

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  18. Thanks Rich!

    Jissy, I don't have an exact date pinned down yet.

    I'm guessing it could be about anytime in the next few days.

    Sorry to be so vague, but I'm waiting on seeing when getting a couch and microwave can be acquired, so I'll have a place to sleep, until I get a bed (used to be able to sleep on the floor easily enough!) and the microwave for cooking stuff, until I can get some pots and pans. I have some very basics of other stuff (plastic plates, plastic bowls to heat soup, etc)

    The other thing, is once those are in place, (or on their way) is co-ordinating a ride for myself and my rather few, but a bit cumbersome, belongings I've had with me in transitional.

    I'll try to keep you posted as best as possible!


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  19. waynster
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    Living the secrete agent life have we Bond or do you prefer James Bond...lmao.....wtg misw

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  20. Thanks, waynster!

    And it doesn't matter how you address me, I just want this....


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  21. Mike -- can I have your email address to contact you directly?

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  22. celeste17
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    Sorry Mike, I don't think JoB has one of those tucked into her garage for you to pick up.

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  23. if JoB had one of those tucked in her garage she wouldn't be giving it away :)

    miws.. call me..
    i have access to the truck tomorrow.

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  24. charlabob
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    We have gazillions of pans, dishes, etc. JoB can come by and select what you want :-) Seriously, the stuff is in good shape and it would be wonderful to get it out of my tangled hair.

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  25. wooHoo!
    we can do one of those progressive party things making the rounds picking up home stuff ;->

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  26. jissy, I thought about that after I logged off for the final time yesterday! ;-)

    yofoureyes at msn dot com

    Cool, Charla! I'd like to help you untangle your hair!

    Jo! Yay!

    I'll give you a call after 9:00 this morning. Would you also be able to haul me and my stuff from transitional?

    If so, I can "check out" from there, and officially move into the new digs.

    Plans for now are: at Pioneer Square Starbucks right now, likely until 9:00-ish, then heading back to transitional, for a final brunch being served by one of our "Resident Chefs" at 10:00.

    After that I was just going to head up to the Central Library.

    Of course, moving would take priority over the library!

    And just a note; internet service has been totally down that last few days at Transitional (figures!) hence why I am at Starbucks right now.

    Celeste, yeah, I know Jo doesn't have the Bond DB5 in her garage.

    But, I do happen to know that she has Sean Connery hidden in there.

    (just don't tell anybody...)


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  27. Oooops!

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  28. miws..

    yes.. just make a list of where you want to go.. preferably including addresses.. and let me know what time to be in front of transitional...

    we can likely handle getting things into the truck..
    but should look for someone to help us get them out.

    as for who or what is in my garage..
    if you can find him you can have him
    and would you mind straightening things out in there while you are at it?

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  29. Sounds good, Jo!

    I'll give you a call when I'm close to being ready.

    If there's no parking available on the side street, you may have to pull into the alley.

    Staff will help me cart the stuff down, and to your waiting vehicle.

    (Ha! I just remembered I'll need to look for the new JoB mobile!)

    Okay, now this is something I don't usually do publicly, but I just can't resist!


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  30. sorry charlie.. i will be in the blue ford ranger pickup with a canapy and a crappy paint job...

    you will have to wait for a ride in the new ride :)

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  31. Okay, folks, signing off now.

    Since It's looking as if I'll be having a busy day, I don't know when (or if) I'll be back online today.

    If anyone needs to get a hold of me, please call (and leave a message if I don't pick up---not always in a good are to talk on the cell).

    If you don't have my phone number, please just post here, and JoB or someone else with my number can call me.

    JoB, and others with my number; you are welcome to share it via e-mail to anyone that might ask.

    Thanks again everyone!


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  32. Oh DUH!

    You already mentioned the truck?

    W(here)TF is my mind today! ;-)


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  33. Mike-tried to send you an email before you left/signed off at Starbucks but maybe I missed you.... am planning on bringing stuff to you tomorrow. I emailed a list of some other things so let me know on those when you get a chance.

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  34. i left Mike tonight at his new apartment .. empty of anything except a few boxes and bags and the microwave he purchased this afternoon...

    i have never seen anyone happier to be sleeping in a sleeping bag on a camp cot

    his internet time will be limited until he establishes a new routine or gets a hookup at home... so int he meantime feel free to email messages for mike to me at joanne at brayden dot org and i will pass them along

    tomorrow we are going to go raid charlabob's stash of excess kitchen stuff... and maybe dip into my garage... and maybe jissy will deliver bathroon essentials...

    one step at a time..
    by next week he is likely to be complaining that he has too much stuff :)

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  35. JoB: Emailed Mike off-line this morning -- I will be able to drop by all the stuff I've gathered tomorrow around 3 p.m., will need to know if he will be there and the address of course.

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  36. i will be calling him some time between 9 and 10 and will let him know about the 3 PM window.

    if you email me i will be glad to send you his phone number.

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  37. today mike woke up in an apartment full of boxes and bags... ah the joys of moving:)

    thanks to Jissy he was able to shower or bathe last night in comfort...
    and to lay his head on a pillow with a fresh pillowcase

    his kitchen is getting there...
    he has the very basics including pots and pans and small baking pans and eating utensils
    and i suspect by the end of the day he will also have dishes..

    but he doesn't have a pizza pan or stone and pizza scissors or cutting wheel... so if someone wanted to be a secret or not so secret santa he would be overjoyed to get them.

    no hurry.. he has some dental issues that are being resolved in the next week or so and until then pizza is only possible in the smallest of bites...

    he can open a beer and as of last night he could even offer you one if you visited...

    but.. you would have to sit on the carpet since we haven't been able to get a promised couch or love seat delivered yet...

    he could use a small .. very small table and a couple of sturdy chairs if someone has something sitting around they no longer need...

    and an oversized coffee table.. the kind of thing a guy could lay out a pizza or some other snack and still have room to put his feet up :)

    and we are still looking for a bed.

    i have become the contact point for putting mike's place together since he isn't likely to have internet at home for a week or so... and his cell phone package has a very limited number of minutes ...

    if you have something you want to donate or simply want to ask me if something is needed, please email me at joanne at brayden dot org or call and leave a message at 2069380361 and i will get back to you.

    i promise to check both my email and messages more frequently for the next week or two :) i know sometimes they can sit there for days when i am preoccupied with other things.

    i have to tell you i have never seen anyone so thrilled to have a refrigerator where he can store enough food to have a choice when he asks himself... what's for dinner?...

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  38. westcoastdeb
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    Heartwarming. Thank you West Seattle.

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  39. Thanks everyone!

    Jo did a pretty concise update, which is great, due to my currently limited 'net time, and I just spent a good deal of time catching up on e-mails!


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  40. i have already had a call from someone who is going to deliver Mike something to cut his pizza with
    and someone who has a coffee table
    and a truck to help go get furniture..

    this is coming together really well for a last minute lets throw it all at the wall plan :)

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  41. westcoastdeb
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    I have a wok, if ya wanna wok n roll Mike.

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  42. Betty T
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    I'll just bet you were happy waking up to a bunch of boxes in "your own space". So glad its all coming together for you.

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  43. westcoastdeb
    Mike got a new wok last night
    he is a wok and roll kind of guy :)

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  44. Mike got his love seat delivered last night.
    i am told both he and his guests were very pleased to have a place to sit
    even if one of his guests got the cooler :(
    imagine that.. they stayed a while.
    i confess i have just breezed in and out so far:(

    we are working on getting a couch and coffee table delivered today..
    and an inflatable guest bed which will bridge the gap until mike gets a real bed
    which could happen as early as this week....

    it's beginning to look a lot like christmas at Mike's house

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  45. JoB, we have an inflatable guest bed (one with the "box spring" so it's now too low to the floor) if Mike needs to borrow one until he gets a "real bed."I forget if it's a full or queen size, but we also have a set of sheets for it. I also mentioned to him that I had some drinking glasses and a few mugs, if he needs them.

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  46. The couch and aerobed are loaded, and the "movers" are adding their coffee table. Mike will be able to host a party now.

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  47. Yep! The living room is really looking like a living room, with a couch, love seat, coffee table, another small table, and two pole lamps!

    And, I got the best night of sleep in probably at least a week on the aerobed last night!

    Thanks again to everyone that has donated, hauled, volunteered to donate, or haul, has well wished, or any combination!


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