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Math Tutor Needed

  1. Hello, WSB-ers.

    Kid A is in need of a little math tutoring this Summer as Algebra 1 and Kid A did not get along very well this past school year. We'd like to get back on track so we're set to start 9th grade this Fall.

    Perhaps there is a middle or high school math teacher out there who has some time to kill this Summer? Our need is more of review and forming good study habits than a complete overhaul.

    If anyone knows of a resource, I'd be much obliged. Thanks!


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  2. Here is an announcement that was posted on the Chief Sealth PTSA email list:

    Amy Anderson, Bilingual Instructional Assistant in the Seattle Public Schools, is offering tutoring during the summer months She has 14 years experience working with students in grades K-12, and is fluent in Spanish. She will tutor students in the following subject areas:

    Language Arts: Reading/ Writing/ Literature
    Math: Basic Math, Algebra 1 and 2
    Social Studies: Geography/ History
    Spanish: All levels
    ESL: English as a Second Language

    Tutoring sessions will take place at Seattle Public libraries close to students’ homes. If interested, please call (206) 963-9593. References available upon request.

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  3. If the above doesn't work out contact me as a friend has 30 years math teaching under his belt.....

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  4. phoenix
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    I'm trying to find a math tutor for my son who is a 5th grader. Can you please give me the phone number or email of your friend? Thank you.

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  5. momoftwoboys
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    Phoenix, I am a certified teacher with my masters degree in teaching, and I tutor students in West Seattle. Feel free to leave your contact info and I can give you more information. Thanks!

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  6. wsmama3
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    You should ask at school too - often times an older student or teacher might have a good idea. Good luck!

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