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  1. for kootchman


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  2. It's a fine line between a square and a heart

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  4. nice smile
    too bad there is so little heart behind it

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  5. Definitely not a Duchenne smile.

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  6. kootchman
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    Not according to the people who actually know him JoB... quite the opposite. I wonder.. if the Dems lose.. will they blame the storm?

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  7. Not according to the people who actually know him JoB... quite the opposite.

    He probably hasn't allowed anyone outside of his top 1% circle of friends and associates to get to know him.

    Other than perhaps, other Mormons, and they may just have that opinion of him, because of their commonality in faith.


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  8. kootch..

    would you say that the people who actually know him includes those he counseled as a Mormon Bishop?

    Because it seems that they guys he counseled liked him a whole lot better than the women...

    but even they pretty much agree that he was very conscious of his position in the hierarchy.. not yours...

    and then there is the invisible line Mitt creates between himself and anyone he doesn't consider his inner circle... and that inner circle is surprisingly small...

    this is actually the most balanced article i could find on Mitt...

    dark side and all including the story about the family dog on the roof rack which turns out to be a reflection of the single mindedness of the man...

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  9. kootchman
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    Seems that women who have worked for him have nothing but praise. Oh god, the war on women didn't work, we are back to the dog on a roof. I don't know, I would assume as a Bishop. .. if he was acting in the role of same would not be discussing his counsel .... would he? Jobs, economy. That's the vote. In that regard, the most critical need of the country at the moment, I and the majority of voters agree, he is more competent than Hussein. The dog bty, was in a dog carrier ... wanna see some pictures of dogs after a day of duck hunting? Extraordinary of all the things in that article, Seamus grabs your attention. Go ahead, give that carpet another beating... the dust is all gone.

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  10. women who have worked for him are possibly related to the Stepford family...or good Mormon women who know they are second place to men...oops - same difference :-\

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  12. kootchman
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    No, they are the women who, demographically are voting for him. Of course, if you are a Lt. Gov, work in finance, banking, and are republican.. you have to be a Stepford wife. That's is precisely why Obama dropped 11 points with women. He doesn't get it. Nothing about Ann Romney says subservient. So, we have Seamus version 6.5, and round 6 of the war on women.. trying to get past that 23 million unemployed? That 4 GDP growth of less than 2%, the drop of almost $4K per household SINCE he became prez. the soaring insurance health insurance premiums, ...? Don't forget the Tsunami and George Bush!! Time to put that in the bullpen for a warm-up.

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  13. j242...we talk about the topic and what is said. We do not get personal in posts on these threads. There has already been one thread closed because you wish to not adhere to that. Please, self police. Thank you.

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  14. Kootch...I firmly believe that Obama gets it a whole lot more than RobMe. But you will argue that more, I'm sure. There now is only one poll that counts...on 11/06. Guess we'll see, huh...

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  15. Barry Soetero, Barry Obama, Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Obama, The Messiah, Zero, what ever name he goes by, will win if people want mediocrity and want America to fully decline. He has sold us out and is stripping away our liberty. The economy stinks. He has broken and flip flopped on many promises. You may be a liberal but he is by far the most clueless president we have had hold the office. I see the {we survived bush...} line, well I am not certain we will survive four more years of this President. Mainly because he has been a pussy about dealing with Iran and he should have launched air strikes against their nuke facilities at the most or imposed the most stringent blockade to strangle that country. We do not have Arab nation friends and the Iranian Theocracy is crazy. It is time to quit pretending. They will launch at Israel when they get a nuke. That is why Barack Obama must go.

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  16. rattle off his name, his middle name "Hussein", and others. I said out loud to someone earlier this evening. ...I don't care how much "they" object to Barack Obama being president, I don't care what excuses people use, in my heart of hearts I firmly believe the objection To Pres. Obama is his skin color, pure and simple. It's the HUGE elephant in the room. Of course it will be denied...that doesn't make it any less true. If he was white, this would be a whole different conversation.

    M. Romney is not qualified to be president His foreign policies are non-existent, his tax (or not tax) programs will balance nothing. He led Massachusetts to almost the bottom of the list in jobs. And it goes on and on.

    We do not need to be in another "war" with Iran...strike first , think later is stupid. Where do you come up with that crap? We don't let any foreign country, including Israel, to dictate our foreign policies. You do everything short of going to war. And when it comes down to it, yu have no idea in the world what the president is doing with his Iran policies, his Israel polices. You THINK you do...but you don't. None of us is privy to that info.

    As a woman, I am truly frightened as to what will happen to women's rights if Romney gets voted in. His running mate ( the notorious liar, who is being muzzled at the moment), is no more qualified to be next in line to be president than, you, me, or Kootch. Truly frightening, in my book.

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  17. oh, specific...what liberties is Barack Obama stripping away from you....a white, male...

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  19. so kootch..

    since you want to dismiss the dog on the roof...

    would you put your dog on the roof.. then hose it and the car down when the dog had been in the kennel too long and emptied it's contents all over the top of your car without taking it out for a little exercise?

    Mitt did. Because it suited his purpose.

    As one of the American taxpayers who would get hosed down because it suited Mitt's purpose I object..

    Even people who "like" Mitt admit his lack of flexibility and his lack of willingness to be challenged... especially by anyone he considers his inferior.

    You think that's a good quality for our President?

    I don't. Who knows what the world will throw at Mitt as he sits in our hot seat? If he can't gussy it up and sell it for a profit.. he won't know what to do with it.. and he is not likely to listen to anyone who does.

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  20. kootch..

    "No, they are the women who, demographically are voting for him"

    do you have some insider guide to how the early voting is going because i don't...

    but i can see why you would believe that women would come out in droves for a good strong man who knew women's place and would be happy to put them in it...
    it fits with your attitude towards women.

    What i can't see is why any woman with a lick of sense would vote for someone who didn't recognize her full equal rights as a citizen..
    including being paid the same wage for the same job...
    or who didn't trust her to make her own decisions about her body and her future.

    It is one thing to think you have won the battle fo equalrights but another to be faced with being put back into that 50's box of limited possibilities. The Republicans couldn't have alerted women to the fact that the ERA is not the law of the land any better if that had been their goal.

    I don't think today's women will stand for it.

    We will see, won't we.

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  21. HMCRich

    "Barry Soetero, Barry Obama, Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Obama, The Messiah, Zero, what ever name he goes by, will win if people want mediocrity and want America to fully decline."

    funny.. that's exactly what i why i would surmise people would vote for Mitt.

    The policies he proposes have had decades to work and have resulted in a steep decline in lifestyle for America's middle class ... And you want more of the same?

    One definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results...

    We are just now beginning to see signs of resurgence in our economy. New unemployment claims are down. Housing starts are up. All of that in spite of a do nothing congress determined to block any attempts at resuscitating this economy.

    And you want to hand the reins back to the people who were strangling us...

    because they say they might be willing to loosen their stranglehold a little and let a little of that money they are stockpiling trickle down into our society if we elect the candidate they are dumping literally millions into at the last minute to buy a win...

    Did you learn nothing from Bush's second term.. he was re-elected because people thought he might keep some of those campaign promises he made the first time... that didn't work out so well.

    Why settle for empty promises?

    it is going to take some hard work to put this country back onto the road to productivity... that's people producing tangible goods... and if the people you elect don't even acknowledge the road, how the heck do you expect them to put us on it?

    Name calling and lies might win an election Rich..
    but in the end they can't hide the inevitable truth.

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  22. Rich, Rich, rich

    "I am not certain we will survive four more years of this President. Mainly because he has been a pussy about dealing with Iran and he should have launched air strikes against their nuke facilities at the most or imposed the most stringent blockade to strangle that country."

    Did the war with Iraq teach you nothing?
    How do you expect our economy to recover while we pay for yet another war to stabilize another oil market?

    even the Saudi's have the sense to move towards 100% sustainable energy... and they intend to do so in decades.. not generations.

    Wake Up! Wake Up!
    this is your country you are selling short.

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  23. redblack
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    rich: forget the war in iraq.

    didn't this thread teach you anything?

    hey, by the way, rich, when is your kid eligible to pick up a rifle for likud? and for someone who cares about his kid's future, you sure are reckless with the war spending.

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  24. kootchman
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    Hell yea JoB.. I have put hunting dogs in the back of trucks, .. a dog carrier on a roof would be AAA rated in dog world. Don't want another war.. dump the chump and let's get to permitting and drilling! While we may convert to alternate energy, there is nothing on the horizon that is as calorie dense.

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  25. kootchman
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    No JoB.. those are tough women, who don't need a government as surrogate protector. They are harvesting the bumper crop of opportunity. Old women and young unmarried women are the core of Obama support. Those in the economic mainstream are voting republican. Nothing makes a conservative faster than a liberal who has been mugged... nothing makes a republican faster than a woman who makes a fistful of money.... and that would be a lot of them. Might be a message there. JaN you keep insisting that is so... let's reverse the tables... if roughly 50 per cent of the population is democrat and republican... the most racially motivated voters are black voters who defy logic and vote for a party that has done nothing for them.. and this president who has done less than most. But still, they vote strictly along racial lines.. why is that? There is your elephant in the room. I say this congres should be applauded.. thanked... for putting a bit in the mouth of Barry da Bling and his spending spree. Tell Harry to get his head out of his ass and put a budget on the floor and let's have a debate on the merits of his plan vs the House republican plan. Can't debate with oneempty chair can ya?

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  26. Bullcrap, Kman, bullcrap. If Congress had done it's elected job, so many things would be different. I kn ow I didn;t send them there to bring one man down. The House, and some select senators decided that was job #1, and the country bedamned. They were wrong, wrong, wrong, and deserve to be voted out. But voters like you have blinders just sit on the sidelines, bitch a lot, and cheer when Obama is obstructed once again.

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  27. Hell yea JoB.. I have put hunting dogs in the back of trucks...

    Proud of that, are ya?


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  28. Oh, and kootch, I asked this elsewhere, but perhaps you missed it.

    Why did you not vote for the 2008 Candidate that was a War Hero.


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  29. kootch..

    did you let your dogs soil themselves and hose them, their crate and your vehicle off and continue down the road at hwy speeds with a wet animal exposed to the wind chill ... without uncrating the animal or giving a thought to the animal's welfare?

    i don't know anyone who treats their hunting dogs so poorly.

    and have you given a thought as to why a regularly crated dog would become so upset as to soil their crate?

    that's abuse kootch.

    But beyond that... why on earth would we put the welfare of the American people in the hands of man who had so little concern for the welfare of his family pet?

    Mitt's priorities bother me a lot kootch.
    In this case he prioritized his plan over the welfare of those his plan was meant to accommodate.
    His decisions as a Bishop when they related to women prioritized his convictions over the life and welfare of the woman he was counseling and that of her family.
    His campaign statements follow the same pattern.

    His priorities could well be deadly for our most vulnerable citizens.

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  30. kootch..

    "They are harvesting the bumper crop of opportunity"

    that bumper crop of opportunity still doesn't produce equal pay for equally credentialed and experienced women.

    You wouldn't consider that bumper crop opportunity if the shoe was on the other foot, would you?

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  31. Oh, and before anyone posts here thinking "It's no big deal" to let dogs ride in the back of an open pick-up truck; many years ago, a buddy and I witnessed a dog jump/fall out of a pick up truck.

    As I recall, the truck was moving, though fortunately slowly.

    After hitting the ground, the scared dog took off running, leaving a noticeable wet spot on the road. It, presumably, literally had the piss scared out of it.

    And before you blurt out "That would never happen to my dog! I keep him/her tightly secured!"


    You never know what might happen....


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  32. Here's to "successful failures" . . .

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  33. kootchman
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    Yep I have put labradors in the back of the truck after a morning of duck hunting. Didn't have to hose them down.. they were already soaking wet. Ya think we put 4 wet dogs in the cab for the ride home? Good grief.

    Yes they do JoB and you have seen the DOL statistics.. that say this is so. Ya keep chewing on the same persecuted bone... but since half of the sisterhood has found out differently, they are voting for Romney. The DOL has said it... in every way imaginable... the disparity in income comes with the choice to raise kids. It's a financial sacrifice. Just won't read those stats will ya? See? ya fit the Hussein demographic.

    "Most economists believe the gap between women’s and men’s wages does not stem primarily from employers paying women less than men for the same job. It occurs mostly because men and women take different jobs and follow different career paths."

    Teasing out pay discrimination is tough because many attributes and behaviors may account for differences in pay. Women choose different educational paths than men. Female engineers earn considerably more than female educators straight out of college. Nonetheless, women account for only 18 percent of engineering majors versus 79 percent of education majors, according to a study by the American Association of University Women

    Female doctors are more likely to be pediatricians than higher-paid cardiologists. They are more likely to work part time. And even those working full time put in 7 percent fewer hours a week than men. They are also much more likely to take extended leaves, most often to give birth and start a family.

    But outright sex discrimination has declined sharply, most economists agree. Today, women’s career choices — constrained by the burdens of motherhood and family — account for most of the pay gap between women and men.

    After accounting for a number of differences, from grades to course choices, the economists concluded that women’s pay deficit was almost entirely because they interrupted their careers more often and tended to work fewer hours. The rest was mostly explained by career choices: for instance, more women worked at nonprofits, which pay less. (NY Times, Eduardo Porter, Economy)

    See... ? But never let facts, research, data get in the way of a good spin. We have had the Equal Pay Act for over 50 years... we are not opening the door for trial lawyers to harass and file frivilous lawsuits.. tell me JoB is there no limit to the burdens you would have business carry? Become an engineer.. and work in the private sector, get your MBA from Wharton... smal things like that.

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  34. kootchman
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    Jan.. there was a documented moment... when Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, McConnel, Boehner, all went in for their "first" budget meeting with Obama. The republicans had their researched "wish list".. the more often wrong than right, confrontation endorsed by Axelrod was on full display. Obama told Cantor "elections have consequences, and your lost"... negotiations died right there. THEN McConnoll mad his statement, our number one job is to defeat Obama. We saw the color of his feathers.. You may have voted for arrogant imperialism...and the cudgel of an absolute majority.. but the rest of your fellow citizens saw the handwriting.. and as soon as they were able... the next congressional election... they took away his scepter. Next, we take his throne.

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  35. LOLOLOLOL...everything is always Obama's fault. McConnell and Boehner, etc. never do anything wrong. They didn't have to be 3 years old and respond like they did. They needed to choke down being dressed down by the president and get on with running the country, not damned political maneuvers, and that's what the last 2 years have been.

    I'm not buying your premise...sorry..

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  36. kootchman
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    Obama ain't got the juice to "dress down" US Congresmen and US Senators... his petulant little child act was seen for what it was. The American people saw it too. If you want to cast your net of blame.. that would be the American public.. who sent them to a landslide, that would be a mandate.. that's what landslides are.. to bring him and his fellow Democrats to a dead stop. Still, as required by law.. republican submit their budgets.. and Democrats won't. The don't have the brass to do what we all know is inevitable. Severe spending cuts. This one was on Obama... given his total inexperience and naivity... he needed mature, practical, staff. He got Axelrod and the current sinking is quicksand Rahm Emanuel... have you ever seen a city tank as fast fiscally? The president got dressed down, by the American public and the spanking ain't over.

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  37. kootch..

    "the disparity in income comes with the choice to raise kids. It's a financial sacrifice."

    tell that to career women who have chosen not to have children but are still penalized financially because it is possible they could...

    i am sure that argument will be more effective if the GOP manages to make birth control nearly impossible to obtain...

    and i am equally sure that is the rationale behind denying women birth control

    as a rationalization, it works.
    but it doesn't qualify as a reason.

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  38. kootch..

    "Obama ain't got the juice to "dress down" US Congresmen and US Senators.."

    psst.. i don't know how to tell you this dude
    but the juice comes with his job...
    they don't call him commander in chief for nothing

    you can choose to disrespect the office and the man
    but that doesn't change his job description
    or his responsibilities to this nation

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  39. kootchman
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    Yea.. but congress isn't in the chain of command. .he ain't nuthin' but another citizen. Those are co=equal branches of government... he should address them as Senator, Mr. Speaker, etc... his juice as CIC doesn't extend outside the military. That's the only place he gets a pass.

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  40. bullcrap!

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  41. kootchman
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    Just a citizen with a four year job contract.

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  42. kootch

    "he ain't nuthin' but another citizen."

    looks like i called it right on your disrespect for the office.

    As much as i loathed what Bush Jr did to our nation,
    i respected the office he held.

    The lack of respect shown to the office by those who support Romney is perhaps the greatest indicator of the real differences between out parties.

    who was it on your side who said that it doesn't matter who we find to fill the office.. any warm body will do?

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  43. A failure in every way

      Save one

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  44. 365Stairs
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    I would post a picture of the Grand Canyon if I knew how...but you likely get the point...

    We likely need a Wallinda or a Kinevil in the White House to cross the great chasm that is our country today.

    The issues are mighty. The discussions are hard.
    The decisions are made harder without finding common ground.

    There is little evidence of compromise and I worry more and more each day.

    Why does it take major disasters to unify us...even for brief times?

    We, as a country cannot so entrenched in our political beliefs anymore and dismiss compromise.

    We cannot afford the cost to build the bridge accross this great and growing canyon. It is a hard & difficult journey...but like all those that came before us...we must walk down that steep path and meet in the valley. We will learn and mix together and join up to climb back up the path to the other side.

    My dream

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  45. 365stairs

    "The decisions are made harder without finding common ground."

    i would posit that we are already on common ground but that the current winner takes all attitude of some fails to recognize.

    Obamacare was the republican solution before it was proposed by a democrat.

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  46. kootchman
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    But.. we have seen it at work now.. in an experimental zone. It's not ready to go national. The winner take all eh? Like "pass it first, then you can get to read it"... or.. the promise to pass no legislation that wasn't posted on the internet in its entirety, including earmarks for review? Well I guess Obama was right...elections DO have consequences. Methinks we don't want to walk up the canyon or cross the bridge with half of the country anymore. The office.. we respect, not the current occupant.

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  47. kootch, why did you not vote for the War Hero Candidate back in aught-eight?


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  48. kootch

    "Yep I have put labradors in the back of the truck after a morning of duck hunting. Didn't have to hose them down.. they were already soaking wet. Ya think we put 4 wet dogs in the cab for the ride home? Good grief."

    do ya duck hunt on the interstate?
    good grief!

    There is a huge difference between putting a well exercised wet dog in a kennel in the back of a truck and drying them off in the slow lane before heading out onto the interstate ..

    and putting the excited family pet in a crate on the top of the car.. heading immediately to the interstate and driving so far that the dog has no choice but to relieve themselves in the kennel...

    and when they do.. hosing them down and heading right out onto the interstate without giving the dog the potty break it so desperately needed.

    why do i repeatedly have to point out to you that one of these things is not like the other?

    you would think you would begin to figure this out for yourself by now.

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  49. kootch...

    "Methinks we don't want to walk up the canyon or cross the bridge with half of the country anymore."

    at the rosiest of predictions for your side kootch... you will be crossing the bridge and walking up the canyon with half or less of the country...

    that doesn't bother you. Not being the half who feels they have winners rights to the election is what bothers you.

    "The office.. we respect, not the current occupant."

    No kootch.. your respect of the office seems to be contigent upon who in in office...

    and that is not the same thing as respecting the office..

    if you respected the office your side wouldn't be raging against Governor Christie for thanking the President of the United States for expediting their state of national emergency and making sure that relief efforts were focused where they were most needed.

    Thank you Mr President...

    it really is too bad those words couldn't be said to George Jr when a similar disaster struck on his watch, isn't it.

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    The art of losing isn't hard to master;
    so many things seem filled with the intent
    to be lost that their loss is no disaster.

    Lose something every day. Accept the fluster
    of lost door keys, the hour badly spent.
    The art of losing isn't hard to master.

    Then practice losing farther, losing faster:
    places, and names, and where it was you meant
    to travel. None of these will bring disaster.

    I lost my mother's watch. And look! my last, or
    next-to-last, of three loved houses went.
    The art of losing isn't hard to master.

    I lost two cities, lovely ones. And, vaster,
    some realms I owned, two rivers, a continent.
    I miss them, but it wasn't a disaster.

    –Even losing you (the joking voice, a gesture
    I love) I shan't have lied. It's evident
    the art of losing's not too hard to master
    though it may look like (Write it!) like disaster.

    –Elizabeth Bishop
    "One Art"

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