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looking to get a permanent

  1. I'd like to get my hair permed before the Christmas holidays. Does any one have a good hair stylist.
    Is it possible to get a perm for around $100.00 these days? I'd prefer to stay local, but will travel out of West Seattle if I need to.

    thanks! Wren

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  2. I haven't had a perm done in a gazillion years, but I love the stylists at Illusions - I've seen Amy, Nancy and Charlotte and got a great haircut from each of them. Here's their pricing for perms - although pricey, keep in mind it's a non-tipping salon.

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  3. I think Tram's Salon offers them. You can always call for a quote.

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  4. I get my hair permed all the time. My hair is straight as a stick and grows fast. I go to the Forsythe. Ask for Stephanie. Very reasonable.


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  5. Wren- what is your hair like? Is it long ? Short? Some perm on ends? Never permed? I may be able to hook you up with one of my advanced training students. Great perm 15-30$ you could be a test model. Downtown tho

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  6. Hi all

    thank you for your suggestions, I will check them out.

    Big Red, My hair is just below chin length, healthy, it's been permed before. Just a little perm on the ends now. I would be fine with going down down as a test model. My only question is would I be able to choose my style with help of stylist or are you looking to do specific kinds of perms. What school or salon are you with>
    You can reach me at

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