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Looking for a Rental

  1. Jks3369
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    My family and I (husband and two little ones) are moving to West Seattle from the Boston Are in April. If anyone has any leads on a great house to rent please let me know! We would love a 3+ bedroom. Budget of $1500 (max). Thanks!

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  2. Hi Jks!

    Have you checked out Craigslist?

    Here's one, for $1350.00/mo very near "The Junction", which is the main business district of West Seattle, and has very easy access in/out of WS:

    Here's a 3bd townhouse, for $1440.00/mo, in the Delridge/Westwood neighborhood, and is very close to Westwood Village Mall, with a QFC (Kroger owned) grocery, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Marshall's, plus many other shops/stores, and restaurants. Delridge Way is a direct shot to the West Seattle Bridge, although this townhouse is about two miles away:

    Here's a 3bd house, in the same area of Delridge as the townhouse, rent is right at your $1500.00/mo limit:

    Here's a house, for $1465.00/mo, even closer to the Mall, yet still close to Delridge, as well as another north/south arterial, 35th Ave SW:

    Here's the link to the CL page, which also lists a few other options, not quite in West Seattle proper. Please note that Port Orchard, though a nice community, is a ferry boat ride away, which would add very significantly to your costs:

    Hope this helps! And welcome!


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  3. Kimberley
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    Stock up on Dunkin's!

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  4. Bostonman
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    I agree with Kimberley. I left Boston 12 years ago and when I go back I stop at two places. Johns Roast Beef in Lynn and Dunkin Donuts.

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  5. Lindsey
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    Good luck on the move! In my experience (apartment hunting from a few thousand miles away) Craigslist is full of listings for West Seattle that aren't really in West Seattle at all. So be sure to double check for that when searching on CL. You can always inquire about a particular area with this crowd on the West Seattle Blog! I've had friends who have had success with as well. Good luck!

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  6. Also try

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