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Looking for a commerical kitchen

  • Started 2 years ago by melissa
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  1. melissa
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    I'm starting a small spice and tea business and am looking for a commercial kitchen that I can rent 5-10 hours per week. It can be a small kitchen -- I need counterspace a electrical outlets, but no refrigeration or oven -- and it would be fantastic if there were some storage space.

    I'd be delighted to use someone's restaurant kitchen during the days that they're closed. I'm clean and neat and would only leave the kitchen neater than I found it, never dirtier.

    To assuage any concerns, the kitchen isn't liable for anything. I need my own permits, but you don't need anything additional.

    If you know of a kitchen that might work, please contact me at mizliss87 at gmail dot com. Thank you!

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  2. biankat
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    I had read about a place in Sodo recently - one I hadn't seen before that I thought about posting on these message boards as the topic comes up every so often. In my searching for you I came across this site:

    Give it a looksee....there's several close by that may work.

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  3. melissa
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    Thanks, Biankat. I'm hoping for a restaurant kitchen (before hours) or a religious organization. I think they might be more affordable for a little operation like mine.

    But thank you!!

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  4. I believe there is a kitchen on Delridge, there is no signage but I will try to get the address tomorrow.

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  5. there is one right in west seattle. by lein animal clinic and the veterns hall, and by ymca. in the block, it is hard to see.

    Building is named USI.


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