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Local Post Office dumping grounds AGAIN

  • Started 2 years ago by cjboffoli
  • Latest reply from Filbert

  1. Once again the south side of the parking lot of our Junction USPS branch looks like a landfill. It has been this way for many weeks now. I recall posting about this same issue sometime in the last couple of years.

    I don't know who continues to dump piles of garbage in this parking lot. But I also have to say that I'm disappointed that none of the USPS employees seem to notice or care.

    I realize that we've just come through a very busy season for the Post Office. I understand that their primary job is to deliver the mail and I'm grateful for the work postal employees do. However, considering how many USPS vehicles are parked along this wall every night it is disappointing that more than a month can go by without anyone taking responsibility for the condition of that small parking lot which is trafficked by many West Seattlites each day.

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  2. cj, have you talked to the branch manager about this? I'm pretty sure that will take care of the problem. If it doesn't, get back to us and I'll contact the branch myself. When I do, I'll direct them to this thread.

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  3. Kimberley
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    I'm guessing that pointing out the WSB rant rules wouldn't go over too well right now ;O)

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  4. I'll back you up on that Kimberley. This one breaks the rant rule. However, any damage done is surely minimal, since the Post Office's "business" is unlikely to be hurt because of this, and no employee has been mentioned by name.

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  5. Management has been contacted.

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  6. Westwood Village has the same problem with people dumping car trash. I used to be the grounds-keeper there years ago. Tought me to never throw anything on the ground, somebody has to pick it up!

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  7. Filbert
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    Every time I go to the post office with the most limited customer parking in the city, there is a postal employee parking a postal truck in a customer space, even though they have their own loading dock that is off limits to the public.

    Unfortunately, they are why government employees get stereotyped as lazy and having zero concern for their customers. Garbage in the lot? "That's not my job".

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