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Local performer.....

  1. Since the WSB won't respond to my emails in hopes of getting some sort of notoriety, I will go ahead and sell myself...;-)

    I, Danny Q, 23 years old, will be performing at Muckleshoot Casino with a Big Band as a tribute to Sinatra from tomorrow, Tuesday, December 11th until Sunday, December 16th.

    The shows are as follows:

    Tuesday @ 7PM
    Wednesday @ 7PM
    Thursday @ 7PM
    Friday @ 7PM
    Saturday @ 1PM & 7PM
    Sunday @ 1PM

    Come support your local West Seattelite!

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  2. Oh hellz yeh! I remember you now!

    I will try to make it out there to see you. It will involve some risk, because I've sworn never to take my wife to a casino again. And yet, it doesn't seem right, somehow, to go there with another woman.

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  3. Oh boy. Any picture but this one! ha. I was young, dumb and a chump! ha-ha.

    Would love to see you. I had my share of gambling run ins, so this is the ULTIMATE challenge for me. I am literally hoping to be able to walk around the casino with out laying a dime, but it's my job to tell you to play! ha-ha.

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  4. Dude, do you have any idea how comical it sounds when a 23-year-old says, "I was young and dumb."

    OMG! A guy who from the 'hood who croons like Blue Eyes and cracks you up in between numbers. It doesn't get any better.

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  5. WSratsinacage
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    You are good DannyQ! Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Last night, in a town they call Auburn . . .

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  7. Am I hearing things? Or is that a young Frankie Sinatra?

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  8. Are you talkin' to me, Beautiful?

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  9. Hey! What's this? Can it be?

    Is that . . . ?

    (Naw. It couldn't be!)

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  10. Well shiver my tumblers.

    It is!

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  11. Oooo!

    Pinch me, baby.

    This has gotta be some kinda dream.

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  12. I like my dreams like I like my martinis, if you catch my drift.

    In other words, not dry.

    [Ba-dum. Tsshhhh!]

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  13. WSratsinacage
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  14. Together again, for the very first time . . .

    But thankfully not the last.


    It was a great show, folks. Light-hearted and entertaining, and very much "in the spirits."

    Er . . . I mean . . . in the spirit.

    Now thru Sunday. See showtimes above.

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  15. DBP, You are a true & humble human being.

    Thank you so much for this.

    If you think opening night (Tuesday) was good, you should have seen last night! It's getting funnier, tighter, and packed!

    Would you mind sending me these originals to my email address? I would love to use them on my daily updates to my friends and family. If you can, give me what ever name you would like credited to. :-)

    You truly have made my day, I just wish I could have met you!! :-) Come back again and I'll buy you a drink after the show!

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  16. Danny's got two more performances before the year ends. The one with the Garfield High Jazz Ensemble is free to the public, and it's just downtown, at the Seattle Center House.

    This Sunday at 1:00 PM

    Trust me: Hearing this guy sing will make you feel better. And the Garfield Jazz Ensemble ain't chopped liver, neither.

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