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Let's ask Macy's to dump Trump!

  1. sunshine
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  2. Huindekmi
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    If you want Macy's to dump Trump, just don't buy any of their Trump branded stuff. If the stuff doesn't sell, they'll stop carrying it pretty darn fast and replace it with something that does sell.

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  3. sunshine
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    I suppose we could wait that long, but if this petition works we wouldn't have to look at his smug mug during Macy's Christmas ads!

    This thing has almost 400k signatures already, hurry up and sign it before it's gone. :)

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  4. elikapeka
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    This is a great clip of Trump on Letterman promoting his new line at Macy's and also touting Mitt Romney's strong stance against China. Until Letterman notices something.

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  5. The look trump gives in that letterman interview is pretty much the standard response of the right wing when their over the top hypocrisy is pointed out. No explanation required. *smirk* *shrug*

    Of course if you really care about American or even humanitairan interests you wouldn't shop at Macy's at all, considering the vast majority of what they sell is made in sweatshops, aka legal slavery, trump label or no. Though it seems like "outrage" like this is more based on a personal dislike of an individual, as well placed as it may be, as opposed to actually caring about how your goods are sourced. Most Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, tend to vote for the bottom line every time, which is the real source of our problems today.

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