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Just another guy with character trying to do the right thing (in Bali)


    According to the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call, [Seattle Democrat Jim McDermott's] roughly $21,000 five-day visit to Bali in November apparently is the most-expensive trip by a member since Congress tightened rules on privately funded travel in 2007 to reduce influence peddling.

    That and another $24,000 in expenses for a McDermott aide, Jessica Lee, were covered by Chemonics International, a Washington, D.C., company that contracts with the federal government on health, education and other development projects around the world.

    What? Influence peddling?

    Our little Jimmy?



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  2. he's taking an aide to Bali? How do I get that job?

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  3. redblack
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    [McDermott's] roughly $21,000 five-day visit to Bali in November apparently is the most-expensive trip by a member since Congress tightened rules on privately funded travel in 2007 to reduce influence peddling.

    well, someone had to be number one.

    By comparison, McDermott's longtime Democratic colleague, U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks of Bremerton, took two trips during the same six-year period. Those trips, one to Hawaii on U.S.-China relations, and one to Madrid on U.S.-Russia relations, each cost about $8,500.

    that's funny. i didn't realize that china is in hawai'i, or that russia is in spain.

    mcdermott is doing what he's supposed to be doing for our state: making sure that washington gets its exports across the pacific ocean.

    oh, and by the way...

    The tab for McDermott's portion of the Indonesia visit included $9,548 airfare from Seattle to Bali to Washington, D.C., as well as about $1,281 for lodging and $760 for meals. It also included indirect expenses, including $2,500 for interpreters, $400 for lodging for security escorts, $3,000 for meeting space and a reception, and other expenses such as per-diem costs for support staff.

    The costs of such privately funded trips are easier to track than official congressional delegation trips. Those so-called CODELs are paid for by the government. Many such trips are taken aboard military-owned aircraft.

    so corporate america wants baghdad jim to go make life easier for them in indonesia, and they pay for the trip? okay. so long as it benefits the state, i trust jim mcdermott to do the right thing. that's why i vote for him, after all, and that's why his seniority in congress is an asset.

    that doesn't mean i oppose term limits, though.

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  4. I get that it's more fun to be critical and make it sound like the guy went on vacation to sun himself on the beaches and drink Mai Tai's in Bali, but here's the part of the story you left out:

    "McDermott, co-chairman of the congressional Indonesia Caucus, attended the Bali Democracy Forum. While there he also met with Indonesian officials to discuss new trade regulations that have all but halted exports of Washington apples and other crops to the Southeast Asian nation."

    "...McDermott attended the conference at the request of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. McDermott also traveled to Jakarta to see Indonesia's foreign-ministry and trade officials."

    Is he not supposed to go because the conference is in Bali? Is he supposed to pay for it all himself when he's conducting official business for the nation and our state there? Once we elect these guys are they supposed to lock themselves in their office and conduct all business via phone year after year?

    I'm OK with him attending the conference and if he can do it without spending the public's dime, that's OK with me too. I'm really really OK with him representing our state's interests there because we need elected representatives standing up for our state's industries that support jobs.

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  5. I vote against Sunny Jim every election. He represents Washington alright; albeit Washington D.C.. Now I realize that Representative GoodSpaceGuy is unlikely to beat him, but a more ineffectual representative than Jim McDermott would be tough to find.

    I am all up for him pushing Washington State trade but $21K per person is not flying coach and staying in the local equivalent of the Holiday Inn while doing the people's business. The difference between a $6,000 trip/per person and $21K is where influence is peddled.

    My two cents. And if he runs again I will vote against him...again.

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  6. And I'll vote for him. And he'll win again with 70%. A lot of people seem to approve of his representation.

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  7. Another prime example of the double standard at work.

    Republicans do something out of self-interest, they're greedy pigs.

    Democrats do the SAME DAMN THING, they're "representing our interests."

    Ha. You liberals are almost too easy to pick off. Always high on your supply.

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  8. "You liberals..."

    Trying to make up the loss of "insulting insipid generalization quotient" around here?

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  9. Bait: "Ha. You liberals are almost too easy to pick off. Always high on your supply."

    Response to bait: No thanks... Not in the mood for Kootchman like bait. Have a good day. :)

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  10. you know, response to stuff like this these days..."bulls*it"...

    self interest? So..exporting our goods to these places ( from specifically WA State) is self-interest? When it brings in revenue? Self-interest? Damned straight !

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  11. redblack
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    he wasn't doing the people's business. he was doing some other people's business dealing with interests that affect his district. (read the part in the article about apple exports.) and they paid him to do it; taxpayers didn't.

    i'll take that over aetna or group health or those corporate drug pushers flying john boehner to pebble beach for a three-day golf retreat for three times the money any day of the week.

    $21,000? you're seriously freaking out over $21,000? five days for a plane ride halfway across the globe for a congressman and staff. probably got some good food and stayed in a place without roaches or rats, too. scandalous!

    crikey. go find some other witch to burn at the stake.

    or maybe you could email old baghdad jim and have him post here.

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