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Itching 2 Get Stitching (some spandex, that is)

  1. ParrLeu
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    I am interested in getting into making my own zentai suits, and need a good source for cheap spandex and similarly stretchy fabrics (preferably 4 way stretch, but 2 way could work, too) in a variety of patterns and colors. (Cheap is key here, since I expect there will be quite a few "interesting outcome" pieces before there are any that are truly wearable. ; - ))

    If you have the low down on a great source for cheap, fun, stretchy cloth that's a reasonable driving distance from W Sea, I'd be ever so thankful if you'd share.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Heather (Zentai Kitty =^..^=)

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  2. Have you tried Pacific Fabrics? They are in the SODO area on 4th Ave. The generally have some bulk fabrics that are faily inexpensive.

    Pacific Fabrics & Crafts
    (206) 628-6237
    2230 4th Ave S
    Seattle, WA 98134

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  3. ParrLeu
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    Thanks, Franci,

    Pacific Fabrics is a great store with an insane collection of fun fur and some killer upholstery options. Unfortunately, they do not have the price point/selection I'm hoping for in the stretchy stuff. I've been crossing my fingers that someone would know of a secret fabulous fabrics area, like the garment district in NYC or LA in Sea or within an hour or so of it, but am starting to think that is just not to be.

    Thanks for the rec,

    PS For those also on the hunt for interesting, cheap fabrics, I can confirm that Franci's Pacific Fabric rec has some great options and this place: that was recently recommended to me sounds promising if you can make it to Renton for such. : - )

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