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Interesting Virtual Doctor website

  1. I just saw a story on the local news about this. It's called Care Simple, and is only available in WA and CA right now. You have to have a webcam, and can stay home, talk to a physician, get treated for lots of things - like cold, flu (who wants to go out to a doc when you have the flu?) Yes, it costs, but not as much as a doc visit, and there is a months subscription with a 5 buck deductible, they said. Maybe be something some people want to check out.

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  2. Definitely an interesting option that I hadn't heard about. I was wondering what happened after the "beta testing" period was over in terms of the $10 intro pricing for a visit, but the website didn't say. Did some searching, and found a press release that said:

    "CareSimple memberships cost $35 per month for families and $25 per month for individuals. Members receive unlimited $5 visits and will have access to a vast repository of easily searchable health and wellness information, videos, and tools with additional features being added monthly. Non-member pricing is $85 per visit, with new patients paying just $10 for their first appointment."

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  3. Anonymous
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    i saw it too

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  4. This would be even cooler if you could hook up some kind of device to your computer that would transmit vital sign telemetry to the doc on the other end. There is already a constellation of cheap consumer devices that can accurately evaluate things like temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, etc. It would just be a matter of standardizing them and codifying them into one device. At home instant blood tests are probably a ways off. But all of this is an interesting step forward in making viable the concept of online physician house calls.

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  5. wakeflood
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    Excellent post, Jan, et al! Thanks for the head's up. And yes, that would seem to be a no-brainer to add the vital signs pass-through to the physician.

    Where did I leave that damn tricorder?? ;-)

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  6. saw a billboard touting this going EB on the Spokane Street Viaduct this morning...

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