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Infant childcare

  1. mncalki
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    We have an 8 month old son and have had really rough luck when it comes to nannies and childcare in the past. We are considering a daycare environment at this point. Any suggestions or ideas?


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  2. skeeter
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    We've been very happy with Growing Years on E. Marginal Way.

    So much of the decision depends on budget. When we started looking for daycare we quickly realized that many places charged more than we could afford. One place in West Seattle was $1,920/mo for infant care.

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  3. skeeter
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    SIde note - the Growing Years on E Marginal is not for children with disabilities. And it's actually in SODO but pretty convenient if you're coming from West Seattle and work downtown.

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  4. luckymom30
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    Kelli's Kind Care
    Monday- Friday from 7:00 - 5:00 ~ Infant - 6 years old
    Licensed In Home Childcare and Daily preschool along with extra activities daily. Music, Spanish, Soccer, Tumbling and Swimming lessons. Includes hot meals, snacks, infant formula, meals, diapers and wipes. Kelli has Child Development Certification and 22 years experience.
    (206) 935-2281

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  5. happy hour
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    happy hour

    Don't give up on a nanny. There are great caregivers out there. Wish you better luck for you and your little one :)

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  6. NativeToSeattle
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    We've been thrilled with the Intergenerational Learning Center at Mt. St. Vincent. There's usually a waiting list, but sometimes they have an opening in the middle of the year if someone moves. It's worth checking!

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  7. Bump

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