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I'm very excited about...

  • Started 3 years ago by KatherineL
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  1. KatherineL
    Member Profile everybody says, "I'm very excited about" some upcoming event. Can't they be interested, intrigued, involved, immersed? I suppose it wouldn't go over well to say, "Well, we started this, we may as well finish."

    I vote to donate a thesaurus to the next person who says on air, "Yes, (Interviewer,) I'm very excited about..."

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  2. katherine
    i am very excited about that that ;->

    and yes, i do have a thesaurus
    i am sure it is gathering dust somewhere ;->

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  3. "Excited" and "amazing" are high atop the "overused" list at the moment. In particular, if you ever catch me using the latter, please send someone to take me away somewhere for writer rehab. "Amazing" has been dishearteningly devalued by its recent overuse ... keep an eye on social media in particular and you will be regaled by tales of amazing food, amazing co-workers, amazing events. I even follow a social-media account devoted to calling out "overuse of the word 'amazing'."

    Somebody cue "Baby, I'm Amazed" ... TR

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  4. Lindsey
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    I'm going to go ahead and add "awesome" to this list. Very few things described as awesome are actually awe-inspiring.

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  5. The Velvet Bulldog
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    Lindsey: I've been trying to bring "sublime" back, but it turns out, not that many things are sublime either.

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  6.'s "amazeballs", not amazing - lolol...

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  7. What happen to "Cool, Groovy, and Farout man?

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  8. The Velvet Bulldog
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    KL: I'm excited about you MAYBE joining us for Thanksgiving, and I'm excited that you might take some leaves with you, and I'm REALLY excited about how many eye-rolls this post is going to earn!! ;-)

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  10. KatherineL
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    TVB - You didn't mention leaves with your invitation! I'm inspired, animated, aroused, delighted, electrified, energized, fired up, galvanized, stimulated, stirred up, thrilled, and - yes - thankful for the invitation and offer.

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