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Huge Rave for White Center McClendons

  1. a couple of days ago i lost my phone in the White Center McClendons..

    ok.. i answered a call and had it in my hand after hanging up and sat it down to measure a boot tray...

    the boot tray wouldn't fit my space so i walked away to pick up the alternative i had found earlier ... leaving my phone on the floor
    and completely forgot that i had been looking at those trays before my phone call.

    It was not a good day.. i wasn't my usual competent self...
    so after looking every place i thought i had been i asked one of the clerks if the phone had been turned in.

    All i can say is that the clerks in McClendons went above and beyond to help this distressed person find her phone.

    They organized into a team, positioned themselves throughout the store
    and repeatedly dialed my phone until one of them found it ringing merrily on the floor where i had left it.

    I can't thank them enough. That phone is literally the lifeline that allows me to leave my home when i am not doing so well..
    without it i would be housebound.

    they didn't have to go to all of that trouble for me..
    yet they did.

    I am writing a letter to the store...
    but what they did for me deserves a rave here too.

    Thank you McClendon employees.
    You really did go above and beyond
    and i want you to know how very much i appreciated that

    this is why i shop local

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  2. That McLendon's is awesome. They are always so helpful whenever I go in there, and they have the oddest (in a good way) seasonal merchandise.

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  3. Today they once again exceeded my expectations and needs with thier customer service and selection, it's stories like these that make the extra driving from Admiral worth it.

    My fathers wife tells me that one of his favorite t-shirts is the McLendons one Santa brought him last Christmas.

    Even Santa digs the store!!!

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  4. :-)

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  5. Sorry, but I haven't shared that experience! I think it's wonderful that everyone went all out to help Jo find her phone, but every time I go in there I have to search for someone to help which usually ends up with no one to help. There's a legend that started with the original store but has somehow not continued on and I think they need a wake-up call!

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  6. rainbwmarshmllw
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    then send a letter to the store manager or better yet send one to Gail Mclendon at the corporate office. they hopefully will see that there needs to be more people on the floor

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  7. I almost always get great service at McLendon's. They've saved us a load of money in do-it-yourself projects. I use them as my reference when I need to figure out how to do something and they're always very accommodating of my myriad of questions, no matter how inane or detailed. I try to shop there over HD as often as possible. I've had the opposite experience from Rags; I'm almost always able to find someone to help me. Sure, sometimes it takes a little searching or waiting, but once I have them in my grips, they are very willing to help.

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  8. I normally have good experiences there too and get asked if I'm finding everything I'm looking for or need help at least once or twice every time I'm there.

    They're usually more than helpful. My only complaint is that I wished they had more real estate to have a larger wood inventory (larger sheets of plywood, etc.).

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