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How to find smaller home-based preschools in WS?

  1. Alaflam
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    I am looking for child care for my 2 year old (almost 2 1/2) for 4 days per week. I am thinking he would do best in a smaller preschool situation, but don't know how to find ones that have openings and are reputable! Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  2. StringCheese
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    Check out

    There is a lot of information there. However, nothing beats visiting the childcare during the day. Also, be wary of places that won't allow you to "pop by" unannounced. Good luck!

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  3. Irukandji
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    Katie McNamara has a preschool near the DelRidge Community Center. It's called Cedar House. We were VERY happy there. Small group, lots of outdoor play and life skills. Contact her at 206-932-1712.

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  4. pattilea
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    Alaflam, Home based preschool are awesome if you find the right situation, and usually less expensive than centers. Childcare resources rock, and a great way to find a licensed home. A few words of advise: A "real" preschool does not have to be licensed if they operate less then 4 hours per day, per shift. They may offer either am or pm, but the same children may not be present at both. Home child care that offers a preschool program is a great find. DEL of Washington has a web page to check for any complaints or ongoing problems, just by entering a phone number or name! Just remember to use your gut feeling, and feel free to drop in ANY time. I have a son that is now 28 that was abused in a home setting and became a non speaker. And also a much younger son that was mistreated in a preschool setting, this past year.

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