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Highland Park Mail Theft Every Day

  • Started 2 years ago by mypatience1978
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  1. mypatience1978
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    Just wanted to warn people in Highland Park especially around 6th AVe SW, 7th Ave SW and 8th Ave SW about someone going through mail boxes every day. For the last two weeks ours and our neighbors mail box lids have been open. We also had a package stole from our porch two weeks ago. Last night we set up a camera to surveillance the mail boxes and put an alarm in our mail box that would go off if our box was opened. Sure enough at 5am this morning the alarm went off. We saw the vehicle drive away from our mail boxes and my husband got in his car to try to get the license plate number. The thieves were pulling up to the next set of mail boxes as they saw my husband coming and the sped off. They were driving a mid to late 90's silver/grey 4 door Acura (Vigor or Legend). License plate started with A3. We made a police report and will be watching for them again if they choose to come back tonight. Just want to get the word out so we might be able to catch these worthless humans.

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  2. Thanks for the tip. About where along 7th/8th/9th is this happening? I remember coming across what looked like discarded mail during a run a couple of months ago, but when I went back later to check it was gone.

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  3. mypatience1978
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    SW Thistle

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  4. Cool, thanks. I'm not far from there, might be getting myself a locking box...

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