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Here we go again! More mail thieves in Highland Park

  • Started 1 year ago by mypatience1978
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  1. mypatience1978
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    This was last night 1/12/24 at 11:48 pm. Two people this time and they were walking, not in a vehicle. We are going to be putting an alarm that sounds inside our house when our mail box is opened. This is ridiculous and about time these people are caught. Now if their punishment would just be bad enough to make them never want to do it again.

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  2. Check out this smart gal’s instructable

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  3. a shame there can't be a way of keeping the box locked except for you and the postman (of course). Or is there?

    And, did these two realize that there is no mail delivery on Sunday, and perhaps the owner of said box had already emptied it? Criminality is pretty stoopid, at times, huh....

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  4. We installed a MailBoss locking mailbox a few years ago, and it has been great. No more worries about theft, and it's a lot more weatherproof than our old one.

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  5. KBear: +1.
    Mailboss locking mailbox is awesome. I love ours. The water resistance is a sweet bonus. It does very well even with a full SW exposure.

    The mail theft from unlocked mailboxes (while despicable and condemnable) is similar to "I left my car unlocked with the door/windows open and keys inside and it got stolen".

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  6. JanS: Well designed locking mailboxes (like Mailboss) have unlocked delivery slots that allow a mailman to deliver without getting to your mail.

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  7. Jeanine
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    We "treated" ourselves to one of these last summer

    Made in the USA (Oregon I think), and will probably outlast us and our house! Someone backed into it on Halloween and it did more damage to the rear of the car than the box/post.

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  8. mypatience1978
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    We don't just want to pass the problem off to our neighbors or other people. We would rather at this point try to help get these people caught. We love our neighborhood and are tired of these pieces of trash being in our neighborhood and just continuing to get away with it. I hate hearing about the countless innocent people being effected by all this mail theft.

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  9. @mypatience1978: The suggestion was not intended to pass of a problem but rather offer a partial solution that isn't that different from locking a home or car. Deterrence is part of crime prevention just like your investment in a camera that is part of the deter/detect phases of crime prevention. Deterrence does not exclude working towards eliminating root causes or diminish interest in the neighborhood.

    (I did not suggest building an all out fortress that excludes the issues of a neighborhood or get an unreasonably expensive $10000 high-end security system).

    I saw your video. The mailbox to the right looks similar to the couple of locked mailboxes mentioned here. The scum completely ignored that last one.

    Yes, increased sentence would most likely help at some future point. I too would love to not worry about locking my mail or house.

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  10. gmabetty
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    The days of non-secure mailboxes are gone. Where I lived 15-20 years ago there was a rash of rural mailbox thefts about the first of every month. At that time SS checks were mailed. So its nothing new, seems like more people doing it and more public notices of it happening because of the new electronic world. At the apartments where I lived someone broke into a locked box and stole new checks that had been ordered.

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