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  • Started 3 years ago by senorward
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  1. Just hired Alvaro Blandon, after reading some good comments about him on this forum. He came and fixed a leaky sink, was professional, and even charged me less than his quote!!

    He does all types of handyman jobs, he's licensed, bonded & insured, and he's quick to respond to email. Give him a try!, or 206-669-8886

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  2. I'm glad he worked out for you, but he cost us $3200 and we're now in the process of going to small claims court thanks to his terrible work. We hired him to paint the south side of our house and within 9 months all the paint is peeling off. He promised to come by on 4 separate occassions to assess the damage - each time we arranged to stay home from work to meet him and each time he pulled a no-show. Finally he sent me a rude email telling me my house is old and because of that the paint will always peel unless I re-side it. Since then I've had several legit painters come out and all have said he didn't prep properly and shoddy work it the cause. He will no longer return email or calls so we're stuck going to small claims. There are lots of other reputable guys - please consider someone else.

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  3. Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience Juliel. My husband and I just hired a plumber named Tom Bevens who lives here in West Seattle and he was excellent. We woke up the other day to a leak in our basement from the bathtub above. He did a free estimate the day we called him, then fixed it two days later for only $50 and it literally only took him 20 minutes to replace the part. He was very friendly and professional, I'd hire him back in a minute!

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  4. princessdaria
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    Hi juliel, was your post about Tom Bevens? If so, I would love to chat.... I'm having some major issues!

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  5. If you are having major issues call tom

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  6. Michael Waldo
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    I big recommendation for Tom. Affordable, friendly, prompt.

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