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Gas fireplace help

  • Started 3 years ago by jyahw6529
  • Latest reply from rebster

  1. Michael Waldo
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    I need help with a gas fireplace. I searched the posts and the last mention of gas fireplaces was over a year ago. Having trouble lighting the pilot light and the on and off wall switch has stopped working. Who services these things?!

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  2. LStephens
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    Try Sutter Home & Hearth in Ballard - 783-9115. They installed our gas fireplace and they have service people who are quite knowledgeable.

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  3. alkiwendy
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    My husband is a rep for gas fireplaces. He ALWAYS recommends Sutter Hearth and Home in Ballard. They are who we use.

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  4. Michael Waldo
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    On several threads when I searched on the blog, many said Sutter Home and Hearth only service gas fireplaces they install. I will give them a call. But if anyone knows any one else, I would like to know.

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  5. I Wonder
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    A wild guess, but have you asked any of the heating companies that service gas furnaces? I have no idea if they do, but Genessee has always been good to us servicing our gas equipment.

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  6. Most gas stoves and fireplaces use a thermocouple which is a temperature sensitive switch that shuts off the flow of gas when it's cold. This way, if the pilot light goes out for some reason, you don't end up with a gas leak.

    When we used to light up the gas stove for the winter, we always had to light it by holding a button that let the gas flow, and let it burn for 30 seconds or a minute until the thermocouple warmed up enough to allow the gas to keep flowing to the pilot.

    Without a pilot light (and the gas main valve to the stove/fireplace turned on) the wall switch isn't going to work. The wall switch would turn on the igniter for the main stove burner, which, of course, relies on the pilot light. So make sure your gas is turned on (usually there's a handled turn valve to turn it on and off) and try keeping the pilot light burning for about 30 seconds and see if it will stay lit after that.

    Just a guess on my part, but thought it might be helpful. Something you can try before calling in the professionals at professional rates.

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  7. Michael Waldo
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    Thanks Chrisma,
    I followed your instructions and advice and now my fireplace is working.
    Thank you!

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  8. Michael,

    You're most welcome. I'm glad it turned out to be that simple.


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  9. rebster
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    I'm definitely interested in recommendations if anyone spots this and wants to respond. I think mine is a combination of an issue with the fireplace unit AND the chimney. I get tons of wind down the chimney and it blows out the pilot on occasion. Chisma's suggestion doesn't help. I can get it lit if I want, and it will even stay until we get tons more wind,I can't get the unit to light up the logs or blow warm air out. Recommendations very much appreciated!

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