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FYI re:foster family org Warning

  • Started 2 years ago by birdrescuer
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  1. birdrescuer
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    I checked out ""
    this is the guy that is asking for donations here on the blog.
    Be advised that this group is not registered with the state as a legitimate charity. It is unknown by major Foster care agencies in the area. I am filing a formal complaint with the state. "Buyer beware"

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  2. That is not before you file a complaint
    let me scan and post a copy of our license. Which I will do first thing tomorrow morning. And yes the majors are not aware of us yet!!!We are new. Sorry if anyone has been troubled by my efforts to help a few kids but the foundation is legit and thanks to those that have had faith in this as we are planning on doing.a.lot more.
    Thanks for your concern

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  3. I found it in 2 seconds and you can look it up under

    ubi # is 603236909

    it says open. I hope this helps.

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  4. westcoastdeb
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    So this is a for profit thing?

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  5. birdrescuer
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    A business license is not the same a a registered charity.

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  6. Seeing as that I have run into this problem. Ok I will try and explain this as best as I can:

    FCAT is a registered non profit for the state of WA. I am also deemed a business threw the IRS. If some one makes a donation to me they can NOT write it off on their taxes. So the wording is tricky. I DO NOT make any money, so I would still consider myself a non profit. There are organizations that claim to be a 501 3 c. Make sure you ask to see the letter of conformation or a copy of their application. It is required by the IRS to have available to the public!!

    FAF is a 501 3c registered non profit with the IRS. If you make a donation to her organization you CAN write it off.

    SO if a newly formed non profit organization and as not been accepted the IRS, they should have a copy of the application.

    I just had to go threw this with "rescue" in Burien. So I do believe tgbplumber is trying to be upfront.


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  7. westcoastdeb
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    Thanks Pam. I should have done more research.

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  8. singularname
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    Unfamiliar with tjbplumber's organization, but agree with hammerhead's explanation. A nonprofit I helped start numerous years ago had about a 9-month wait between receiving its business license and its 501 3 c status. And its recognition by other groups in its category (museum) took about the same amount of time. It can be quite daunting to organize all the paperwork while at the same time carrying out your mission ... just to give some benefit to any doubt.

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  9. Hey I am totaly up front I have been working on this for over a year and do believe the accountant has the acceptance letter. and do know he has a copy of the application.
    I really appreciate any help I can get. this will not be for prifit. Its just a couple of w/s people trying to help other w/s people by volunteering to collect toys blankets beds and whatever else might be needed.
    so far a kind man boughts bunkbeds for some young girls .one kind lady donated 150 for a mattress and another man gave some bedding and another lady gave 50 to be put towards bedding and the kids will get all of it. and if no one else can step up i will trade work to pay for it.

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  10. birdrescuer
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    I am sorry if this is distressing. However, I wrote this person 2 personal emails and offered on line to send a check if he would tell me where. I never heard a word. Someone else was told to meet him somewhere to give him a check that "he would deliver". Where? His web site says ABSOLUTELY NOTHING-- except how to donate. No address, phone number, name. No mention of what they BUT at this time of year scams are rampant and I consider it being a responsible citizen to give a heads up.

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  11. tjb, I assume that if someone wanted to donate money or in-kind assistance through you, they could ask you specific questions about where it was going and then maybe follow up with you to see that it got delivered. Is that correct?

    (See, this is why I love local charities.)

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  12. tjbplumber email me:

    Pamela HH

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  13. Talaki34
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    tjbplumber is a local trades contractor. He comes recommended here on the blog. He has been in my home and bid on a job. According to the bid, all money would be directed to “LocalFosterFamlies.”


    I saw a post on this blog requesting help. I helped. I didn’t email him, I called him. Why? Because by the looks of his post, he was still at work. That might have been why he asked Tom Kelly to help with the communication end of things. As for meeting anyone, don’t know anything about that. Maybe they were supposed to meet when his van broke down in Lynnwood.

    When I saw the post about “Buyer Beware” I called tjbplumber to let him know there was a problem. We talked for a few minutes and this is what I believe is happening.

    He is a Foster Parent who wants to help foster kids. He is not an administrator. He is not a professional fundraiser. He is just a regular guy and Dad trying to help those who are in a sad situation.

    tjbplumber is trying to learn the ropes of opening a “Not for Profit.” singularname can tell you that even the most experienced businessmen and women have trouble starting up Non-Profit organizations and because of it, many fail in their first few years.

    There is an enormous amount of work to be done in the start-up stage, add trying to work full-time so you can pay for fees, licenses and accounting help and I am sure you can see the why things are a bit harried and jumbled.

    I am hoping that some of the regulars of this blog will step in and help him if they can. I know there are a lot of very smart and capable people here. Sound council seems to be needed most along with a defined business plan.

    I believe that he really is trying his best to help the kids.

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  14. DBP you can ask anything and if you wanted probably meet the family you were assisting I could even show recipts.
    I want the w/s community to be involved as much as possible. and pamela hh I tried to email you but for some reason it wont go through.
    bird rescuer I never got a call from you . and things have been difficult but in a few days with some help we all can iron this out.

    I cant thank everyone enough.

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  15. My bad, missed typed.

    I have a few things to donate and can offer some help with other stuff. I just don't want to be public about it.


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  16. tjbplumber
    every Christmas my husband and i gift a family.
    i thought it was my thing until last night hubby asked if we were helping a family this year.
    since we have been helping individuals all year long i had thought to let it go..
    i find myself in the embarrassing position of not having found a family yet:(

    please contact me at joanne at brayden dot org to see what we can do to help make this Christmas special for this foster family...

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  17. birdrescuer
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    Ok so now I believe this guy is legit. No, I didn't call; I emailed both tj and kelly and got no response.

    That being said I think that, though well intentioned, putting a lot of energy into duplicating services that are already availabe, is not the best way to go.

    I wish you all well in this endeavor.

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  18. i can't speak to this particular effort..
    but in my experience, for the most part, people don't go through the aggravating and time consuming experience of trying to start a non-profit or to function as one unless they personally find that the services they thought were there and easy to access are insufficient.

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  19. tom kelley
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    Bird rescuer, I've checked my inbox and trash and have found nothing from you. I suggest you review your outbox and attitude before filing a formal complaint. FYI if tjplumber walked into my kitchen right now I wouldn't know him. I'm aware of him because of his initial post here. I consider myself a realist with a touch of cynicism and never thought of some evil plumber fabricating a story looking, not for cash, but for bunk beds as a scam. When I e-mailed him suggesting he post an update as to what was still needed after the beds had been sponsored he asked if I could put that on the blog, which I did. He makes no claim of being a writer and freely admits to that shortcoming. He is a plumber. I've spoken to him a number of times on the phone and my gut feeling is that he's a guy that recognized a need and is trying to do something about it now. To me that explains the lack of "credentials" and licensing or whatever some of us seem to think is required to do a good deed. For me, I'm taking this guy at face value and if it's a scam I sure wouldn't want the karma associated with the West Seattle bunk bed scam.

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  20. Thanks. Tom
    Its not completely unselfish though.
    I wish I could post a picture of the girls when they walk into their room and see what everyone has done for them.
    The smiles on their faces all because of the love from our community.
    I will be the one that sees their happiness.

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  21. I have tried to contact a few people that have asked. For some reason I have not been able. Please email me at
    I will get back to you as

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  22. Bostonman
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    TJ if you are in West Seattle I will get you $100 for the bunk beds. I am not heading out of town this weekend so I will be around. I can probably swing by and meet someplace to get you the funds.

    I think its a noble quest you are undertaking. My kids want for next to nothing and have more than they need. Hopefully some other kids who are less fortunate will be able to smile a little on Christmas.

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  23. Boston man just call me when u get a chance
    I happen to be working another long day

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  24. hey joann i have tried to contact you through the website you said but what happens is dales sight comes up so can you just email me directly or call me please..

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