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Fund Raising for Sandy?????

  1. jluther
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    It is very interesting the East Coast had a major storm with much destruction and people needing supplies. Where are all the fund raising for this event? When Japan had the earthquake the fund raisers almost every evening. It is very quite as of late.

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  3. jluther
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    So that is the community's response the Red Cross? Sad

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  4. -so...start one....or go to sites like there are plenty of things there - buyer beware. Or try the local TeeVee stations.

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  5. Stay on topic, please. Offtopic comments deleted.

    To the OP: That's not the "community"'s response. It's my response as site editor - The forum is lower-traffic on weekends and no one had answered, so I offered one option that came immediately to mind. Thought you were looking for someplace to help.

    The community-based fundraisers for Japan, for example, pointed to efforts like the Red Cross and other agencies - it is not efficient for citizens to either find individual people to send money to directly, or to round up their own planeload of goods.

    The Red Cross not only helps in big events like this, but in small ones ... When there's a house fire and the residents can't go back in, for example, as mentioned in countless fire stories we've reported, it's the Red Cross who is called in to offer temporary shelter and other help.

    The Salvation Army also is helping, if you have something against donating to the Red Cross.


    P.S. To Jan's point about "local TV stations" - even the ones back East are fundraising for the Red Cross's efforts.

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  6. richwseattle
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    Thanks for posting the link to the Red Cross. It reminded me to donate.

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  7. jluther
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    That is fine for with the Red Cross. But as Irecall many places in West Seattyle were having benefits for people in Japan. Now for something in this country there is nothing going on.

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  8. jluther
    the benefits for people in japan took a while to put together.
    they didn't happen immediately.
    what happened immediately was donations to the red cross.

    this neighborhood,this city, this state, this nation stepped above and beyond the call of duty when New Orleans was hit...

    what makes you think we will care less about New York with winter coming on?

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  9. jluther
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    Just my point nothing seems to be in place to help them on the east coast.

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