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Free Nook Color (to someone needy)

  1. JoB (thank you again) gave me a Nook Color tablet that can be dual booted as a full fledged Nook Color or as a straight up Android Tablet. Fully functional and in great shape. Was going to give it to my sister in law but it will just not be a good fit for her.Looking for someone in need who could use it. Oh and it is free could even deliver it and show you how it works if needed. Reply here or email at jimclarkphoto at gmail dot com

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    Thank you very much for looking

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  2. I believe i have found someone to give the nook to

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  3. Yeah!
    i love it when something i no longer have a use for gets a good home..
    i found a home for the basic nook too :)

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  4. going to Diane Vincent

    Posted 2 years ago #         
  5. And a worthy recipient! :-)


    Posted 2 years ago #         
  6. good thing..
    diane won't have the problems i had moving from one format to the other :)

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  7. Thank you all; I’m so excited and very grateful

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  8. this is the forum doing what it does best..
    connecting people who might never meet otherwise
    with opportunities and one another

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  9. Diane I am looking into upgrading it to a newer version of android so to fix the app compatibility issue

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  10. cool!
    not only is Clark passing it along
    but he is trying to upgrade it in the process :)

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  11. The nook seemed to have a problem with the android card and for some reason it would not let me load apps like facebook or one bus on it said they were not compatible. I contacted the company that made the root/card and they think I need to redo the android/card image. Just found out they gave me a discount code and that will give me a free upgrade to the newest version. Should be a much nicer tablet for Diane

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  12. very cool..
    when hubby delisted it ... it must have reverted to the original version
    because i had facebook on it...

    two nooks re-homed..
    one slightly finicky but rocking tablet to go...
    it has to be kept charged or you get to reboot :(

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