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FREE horoscopes for this week

  • Started 3 years ago by adrian41vxv
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  1. Just follow the link for FREE horoscopes for the week~

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  2. LEO:

    To cure yourself of the headaches, don't close your eyes to give them a rest. Open those eyes up even more and let alllll the light in.

    –Are you sure that's wise? I'm a solar astronomer.

    Take a look at any one room, expanse, panorama FIRST as the big picture that it is. See the tonal qualities of the light, take a temperature of the emotional horizon. Look at the shadows first and see what shapes they make.

    –I'm no good at this kind of test, doctor. I can't see a damn thing.


    Hiding within the negative space that you aren't letting yourself see are the treasures that make life magical. Forget the tree and its branches. What do you see between the limbs?

    –Between my limbs? Lots of flab, actually. I wish it was negative space.

    Focus just beyond the temper tantrum and what color comes to your eye? By altering your perspective in this way, you are effectively getting out of your rational mind and diving headlong into a richer, deeper way of interacting with the universe.

    –Out of my rational mind . . . You're a tad late on that call wouldn't you say?

    You're trying to focus too much on the small details and you are missing the forest for the trees.

    –Oh this one's easy. Just cut down all the trees. Problem solved.

    Sincerely, John Olerud

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  3. goodgraces
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    I thought this was a nice thing -- offering these to the community. Mine was really interesting and relevant. Thanks BloomingWild!

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  4. I recently had an awful tantrum. I, like you David, am a Leo. I don't believe in much. However, this helped me. My color is grey and I need more yellow.

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  5. Astrology can be fun. As long as you understand that it's a bunch of hooey.

    Same goes for religion.

    Art . . .

    Romance . . .

    Gosh. All kinds of stuff, I guess.

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  7. True.

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