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Family of 6 Homeless and looking housing for Christmas

  • Started 2 years ago by mypatience1978
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  1. mypatience1978
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    My sister in law and my 5 nephews/niece are homeless and looking for an apartment or house preferably in West Seattle, but anywhere north of Kent. They are low income. We have been all over craigslist, WSB and driving around the area, but have had no luck yet. Please if you have any leads on a place or know anyone who would like to help a needy family out and could pass on the info it would be so very appreciated.

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  2. Talaki34
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    Can you give some more info. Ages of the kids? How many bedrooms? What price range. Is this temporary housing or permanent? Are the kids attending school and need to stay in a certain area? Where are they staying now? If they have shelter right now, how long can they stay?

    The more info, the more maybe someone could help.

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  3. mypatience1978
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    The kids are 16yr old twins, 15, 14 and 13. 2+ bedrooms. They are looking for permanent housing so they can settle down as a family again. The kids are at Sealth and Denny. They don't need to stay in this area but would really like to. Right now I have three of the kids with me and the other 2 and their mom are staying at another family members house which is not a very good situation and they will need to leave there by the end of December. $1000/mo is the max they can afford and would need to make payments for a deposit.

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    Here is a link to a place with larger affordable apartments available, but not in west Seattle.

    Here is a place on del ridge, maybe negotiable?

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  5. anotherwsmom
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    I wish I had a solution. Have they contacted Hickman House by any chance?

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  6. Make sure they ask a counselor at school about getting McKinny-Vento status. It is for homeless assistance, which includes living with friends or family. They can access resources like free meals and bus passes and sometimes more, possibly housing assistance or at least a meeting with a social worker to find more resources. I believe the status also allows them to stay at their current school even if they find shelter out if the normal school boundaries. If the school seems hesitant, keep pushing, it is an easy form to fill out!

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  7. inactive
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    Have them call S & L Realty. They might know about housing closer to their schools which hasn't been put on the market yet. This is a White Center Realtor/Property Management business:

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  8. charlabob
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    There are lots of people involved in "cohousing" situations -- helping each other with roommate payments and living arrangements. This is a pretty big family, but they might be able to find someone who could help. If I hear of anything I'll let you know.

    My patience, if you're comfortable giving out contact info, we can talk directly.

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  9. mypatience1978
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    Thank you everyone for the advice and help : ) The biggest problem we are having is that a lot of places want the income to be 2 or 3 times the rent to qualify, which clearly is not going to happen. All three kids do have the McKinny-Vento status which was a great help getting them right into school. I can be reached at : my patience 1978 at Again thanks for the advice and info. It is very greatly appreciated.

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  10. luckymom30
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    Have you tried getting the family on Section 8?

    I found these listings on Craigslist for a home on 35th & Morgan, explain their situation and they might be surprised the landlord can work with them paying the deposit in payments. If you don't ask you will never know.

    In Tacoma/ University Place but a 3 bdrm @ $915.00

    2 bdrm house in Burien for $895.00

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  11. Section 8 is waitlist only, waitlist closed to new applicants....

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  12. Betty T
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    I think its the time of year to close. Budget time. Last year too.

    Housing by income is tough any more. Wait lists everywhere. Our housekeeper says 5 yrs. where she lives! No more new construction was budgeted this year. Only completion of projects in process already.

    I wish good luck to this family. Not a nice time of year for this to take plaace with family. Hope they find something.

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  13. mypatience1978
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  14. Betty T
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    Any luck yet? I've been wondering.

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  15. mypatience1978
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    No, not yet. We send out emails every day and she calls and leaves messages, or she gets told that she doesn't have enough income to qualify. It blows my mind that even places that are for low income people are telling her she doesn't have enough countable income to qualify. We will keep looking though. Keeping the faith that they can be together for Christmas.

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  16. luckymom30
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    Maybe this would be an option for this family:

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  17. This breaks my heart, because it sounds like what this family needs most is a Section 8 voucher - this is what families with little or no income are served best by. But, as has been pointed out, that list is currently closed and when it opens, it is usually heavily over-subscribed.

    As a result, I think contacting an organization like Solid Ground is best, as they operate a lot of transitional and permanent housing units, that often come WITH a voucher, so not the income-qualifying type of housing, which is often more affordable for lower wage earners, not for folks with little or no income.

    Here is a list of other providers in King County. Google can get you connected to any that look like a good fit. I know DNDA and Compass both have West Seattle properties.

    Nonprofit Housing Developers and Providers

    Artspace Projects, Inc.
    Bellwether (formerly Housing Resources Group)
    Capitol Hill Housing
    Catholic Housing Services
    Community Frameworks
    Community Psychiatric Clinic
    Compass Housing Alliance
    Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association
    Downtown Action to Save Housing
    El Centro de la Raza
    Friends of Youth
    Habitat for Humanity of Seattle-King County
    Homestead Community Land Trust
    Imagine Housing (formerly St. Andrew’s Housing Group)
    InterIm Community Development Association
    Low Income Housing Institute
    Mercy Housing Northwest
    Mt. Baker Housing Association
    Multi-Service Center
    Parkview Services
    Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority
    Pioneer Human Services
    Plymouth Housing Group
    Sea Mar Community Health Center
    Seattle Chinatown / International District Preservation and Development Authority (SCIDpda)
    Senior Housing Assistance Group
    Solid Ground
    Southeast Effective Development (SEED)
    Valley Cities

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  18. mypatience1978
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