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Everywhere in West Seattle

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  2. Defacing this fence was not a very "peaceful" thing to do. Friggin' hooligans!

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  3. Love it!

    Peace through strength.

    Merry Christmas.

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  4. SKB, was it you that did it so you could say that?

    I would rather it be a peace sign, a well known symbol of well....peace, love, not war than another gang symbol or bad words.

    But if you're asking, yes..I would be pissed if this was my fence. lol

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  5. Danny said it.

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  6. Peace on this!! Watch out for Whirled Peas too.

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  7. Perhaps, just perhaps, it was the fence owner who did it...hey, it could happen ! :)

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  8. i think i know a fence owner who did that

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  9. It most certainly was the fence owner who did this, SKooBy Doo. It was not an act of vandalism.

    Speaking of that, though, I should tell you that shortly after the peace sign went up there last summer it was defaced – by some honest-to-god "hooligans." But the owner touched it up again right away, and it was good as new.

    Take that, hooligans!

    For all of you peace tourists out there, this is on the north side of SW Barton Place, 'bout half a block before Delridge. I blurred out the address in this pic, but the wood fence and peace sign are highly visible, so you can't miss it if you're driving around there.

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  10. I just passed by that on the bus the other day!


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