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Duos Resturant

  • Started 2 years ago by localgirl
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  1. localgirl
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    Had a great time and good food there last night. They did a great job of warming the place up. Excited for a new place like this in WS. The sliders and apple salad were awesome!

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  2. I agree...was there a few weeks ago, and it was great !

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  3. A group of us ate there last week and the small plates were really good. Since they do not have a happy hour and their small plates are really rather small.... this is a place I'd plan on about $35 per person with wine, if you are wanting a meal. Still very good... just not on my frequently visiting list or my hey, this is a great deal list!

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  4. jayjayb74
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    Wife and I ate there the other night and really liked it. The food is tapas style but is excellent. Definitely would go back again.

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  5. pgerding
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    I have been meaning to chime in on this thread. We ate dinner at the restaurant the second week, I think, and it was great. But more importantly we used Duos to cater part of a cocktail party we hosted last month. They did FABULOUS! The food was top notch and quite affordable and they were a dream to work with ... handled multiple changes and requests easily and happily. Can't recommend them enough.

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  6. Ms. Sparkles
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    I'm glad the previous posters all had positive experiences; we went this last Sat. night and I left feeling like the joke was on me.

    We actually went down to Luna Park to get enough food to no longer be hungry without breaking the bank. The Tappas I'm familiar with has at least 2 and useally 4 small items on a plate - we paid $10 for a single scallop. The food was good, but it wasn't incredable...and $10 for a single small bite should be life changingly good.

    On the plus side I believe Duos is doing their part to fight the obesity epidemic by ensuring their patrons can't afford to over eat! ;-)

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  7. We were there last week and I actually thought the value and portions were really good! The waiter did inform us that the scallop was just that ... A scallop, but everything else was a great size for sharing. There were four of us and we had maybe 7-8 items and all left satisfied. The calamari was especially good, as was the steak salad. The wine pour was very generous. They did a great job warming up the space - of the last 3 restaurants in this spot, this one "feels" the best with comfortable seating, lighting, good colors and design elements. Service was friendly and efficient.

    They have just added a happy hour and some larger, entree-size plates this week. I'm looking forward to going back soon!

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  8. Costanza
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    I could live off their mini corn dogs for about 6 months. Seriously.

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