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Driving Drunk

  1. What do you do when you know someone is driving drunk (not family or close friend)and they won't listen to you and continue to get drunk and drive?
    Part of me thinks this is none of my business, but the other part worries that they will hurt someone.

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  2. 365Stairs
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    If you know they are doing it and the very time they are doing 911.

    Laws are laws...

    Would you want to know they drove drunk and didn't stop them after a tragic event?

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  3. It is such a tough one... I can remember driving drunk a couple of timeswhen I was younger and by the grace of god didn't hurt anyone....
    On the MADD site it says that the average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before their first arrest.

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  4. 365Stairs
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    Hind sight is a luxury we have and should be seen as a gift to use to help others. You know in your heart what is the right thing...

    You would be doing the person a favor if the worst they went through is a DUI process.

    Are they going to be mad? Likely.
    Are they going to be your friend or aquaintence any more? Probably not.

    Will they have a DUI and probably at some point face vehiclular manslaughter charges in the future? The risk will be dramatically reduced!

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  5. 365Stairs
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    365Stairs could simply...take their keys when you see them. Let the air out of all their tires (not slash them) or remove the car battery...any number of inconveniences that would keep them off the road...again..when you absolutely know they are going to do this.

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  6. None of your business? What about the person he kills, talk about guilt. It just is not worth it. A life is a life be that persons or the one he/she kills.

    I call all the time. Friends or not. I have had a friend die from a drunk driver and damn it there is NO excuse at ALL.


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  7. PangolinPie
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    Me? I divorced him. If he's going to ruin his life, then I don't want to be part of it.

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  8. Yikes, I definitely understand how you are struggling with this. I know I'd have a tough time making the decision, especially if it actually was a close friend, or relative.

    But, I think the best advice to give, no matter the level of relationship between the drunk driver, and concerned person, is to think about how guilty you would feel if the dunk driver indeed injured, or killed somebody.

    You'd carry that the rest of your life, even if the drunk driver, either through denial, or not having a conscience, didn't give a damn.

    Best of luck to you on dealing with this, and you are to be commended for caring at least enough to wrestle with this, and to come here asking for advice.


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  9. WorldCitizen
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    Let the air out of the tires...Just two of them.

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  10. singularname
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    I'd confront them, mightily (but then I have the luxury of not liking alcohol of any kind so no empathy). The closer the friend, the more hard core I'd be.

    Not your style? Call 911. Those MADD commercials really drive it extra-home for me.

    Good luck.

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  11. Thank you Mike and all the other commenters... it really is difficult, as I deal with this person on a frequent basis and the last time I said something they flatly denied it and was angry with me even tho they were clearly drunk and stunk of the alcohol. They are in a position to damage my property as well, so messing with their car is not the best option.
    I'm going to give it one more talk and point them to the advice I received here.
    And if that doesn't work then I will call 911.

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  12. FionaEnzo
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    Too bad you can't film them. Drunk people are never aware of how drunk they are -- they think they're doing just fiiiine.
    I know it's awkward but drunk people have abdicated their adult role by becoming incapacitated. You're the only adult in that conversation. You have to take charge, as a parent would, to protect potential victim and perpetrator. Protecting the perpetrator from him/herself. They may not thank you but you know you acted in good conscience.

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  13. Fiona: "You're the only adult in that conversation." -- VERY interesting perspective, I never thought of it that way but good point!

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  14. Wow! So many good comments. This is such an important issue and have seen so many drunk drivers in w sea .but how to solve it???
    If your friends are guilty what kind of friends do you have? Think, they are putting you and your children's lives on the block!!!
    What do they care more about?
    They need to learn before they kill you or someone you love.its not just about them is it?

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