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  1. I am rerouting an older thread,hope this isn't against the rules.

    Ibeale - thank you so much for the curtains they were perfect.

    Semele - I still need one more pair - did you ever find yours?

    Also I still need one curtain rod

    thanks all!

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  2. I am glad you posted Wren, I couldn't find the original thread. Yes, I have one pair of full length (84inches I believe) brown curtains. Kind of a velvet material. Let me know if you want them and we can work something out. You can contact me at

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  3. Wren - are you still looking for curtains? I haven't seen an email from you. let me know, they are free and I need to start cleaning my closets out :)

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  4. wren..

    and i have a second pair of full length brown velvety curtains that i just took off my patio doors... yours for the asking.

    if Semele and i bought at roughly the same time..
    and bought the same popular ringtop style...
    the browns might match giving you much better coverage...
    mine are more suitable for the expanse of a window than a patio door.

    i am at joanne att brayden dott org

    there may even be a rod in the garage. I will check.

    It is possible that rod was donated to the most recent Nickelodeans to set up housekeeping...
    a lot of the stuff in my garage has gone that way lately...
    though you wouldn't know it by the amount that is left:(

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  5. JoB, those sound just like mine. I just can't remember if they are the ring top style or not, but pretty sure they are.

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  6. Hello Job & Semele

    I just tried to email both of you privately and it bounced back. Sounds like you each have pair of curtains that might work together for my patio door. I don't know if you know each other or live near each other.

    I live over near Admiral off 57th street. I am not sure I will have time to pick them up - possibly late morning. Otherwise Sunday afternoon will work.

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