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Country Prime Foods??????

  1. Guy in a van selling frozen meat.

    Seemed nice enough, if a bit of a salesman.

    Anyone buy any?

    Is it a scam?

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  2. Smitty,

    Google them and decide for, I'll stick with local, fresh meat vendors/meat markets. ;-)

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  3. Come up to Almost White Center, and visit the Live Butcher!

    Yes, that Live Butcher, owned by the Salle family, that owned Bernie and Boys in Top Hat, and the historic Live Butcher out on Pac Highway!

    Had some tasty pork chops from there for dinner yesterday, and was there a short time ago, picking up some certain to be tasty Italian sausage links to go with tomorrow's breakfast.


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  4. smitty...from their website :"Why are there solution additives in the beef? Are they harmful?
    The additives in our steak variety offer a longer shelf life in your freezer consisting of salt, water, bromelain, and ficin. This option allows us to forgo the use of unnatural preservatives in our customer’s diets. The ficin and bromelain are used to assist in additional desired tenderness and are naturally derived from fig and pineapple. These enzymes are sought after in most nutrition stores and may provide many health benefits. Please see these links:

    From my perspective, I'd rather have fresh, not treated meat/chicken/etc. I have to be very careful of salt now that my kidneys have failed, so this is only from my perspective. If yu don't mind, take a chance I suppose :)

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  5. more:

    look at it this'd have tender meat, and get rid of your intestinal worms at the same time :D

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  6. valvashon
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    "Guy in a van selling frozen meat" should answer it's own question!

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  7. "Guy in a van selling frozen meat" should answer it's own question!"

    That is SO true! Not sure what I was thinking, but bought $150, freezer full of meat!

    I will let you know if I get sick!


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