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climb stairs

  1. Babooshka
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    My husband and I are training for an American Lung Association climb up 70 flights of stairs in March. We are currently visiting Seattle, staying in West Seattle, and were looking for indoor or outdoor opportunities to train. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  2. waterworld
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    Seattle All Stairs has a site with an interactive map showing over 600 outdoor public stairways in Seattle, and mapping out 30 "walks" that include stair climbs, views, interesting sights, and so on. Click on the colored markers to get detailed information on each stairway. Or go to the "walks" page to look at the pre-planned walking tours. It's a great source of inspiration for outdoor stair-climbing all over West Seattle and all over the city.

    Here's the address:

    Have fun!

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  3. Thistle Stairs! 372 steps. End of Thistle and just west of California.
    See you there! :)

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  4. I second the Thistle Stairs. Great views, and with a short hike through Lincoln Park, you can do more stairs down to the beach.

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  5. Babooshka
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    Wow! Wonderful welcome to West Seattle! Thank you! We are on our way to Thistle stairs! We will check out Seattle All Stairs site for the next few days.

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  6. Third vote for Thistle stairs - they are killer! You might also drop by the XGym on Harbor Ave on the way to Alki - the owner PJ is a champion stair climber and I know they have one of the those "Jacob Ladder" machines. Maybe they'll let you use it for a small day fee?

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