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Car break in's near 47th and Genesse

  1. hbrown99
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    Just wondering if anyone is having issues with their car being broken into near this area. My boyfriend just had his work car broken into and all they took was the owners manual?!?!? The car's insurance and registration is in his company's name. Any thoughts of the value of an owners manual to someone...

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  2. hmmm...maybe they're desperate to know when the next oil change is scheduled? Odd theft - really!

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  3. EmmyJane
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    Not sure if it technically counts as a "break in" but we live near there and about 6 months ago someone stole my husband's sunglasses out of his unlocked truck.

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  4. My sister's old Civic was broken into a few years ago and all that was stolen was her spare tire. Thankfully she never got a flat after that happened!

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  5. We have had our 7th..yes 7th car break in last night.

    We are at 45th and Alaska.
    Car in driveway ( not on street)
    So our ratio now is 2 driveway invadors and 5 street prowlers.

    This end of the street is dark, No street light. We have an amazing neighborhood watch...we are always on the look out but it was late/early.

    We typically park this vehical in the garage and nothing was visible. But, I just got new furnature and it's sitting in my garage.

    Lost a camera and our summer photos.
    A back up camera to hook up our trailer,
    XM radio
    wireless headphones
    radar dector
    lazer glasses
    and a bunch of other random stuff
    and they stole my Bible too because the case looks like a leather purse.

    But a wonderfull neighboor near Geneese brought it to me today, he found it on the stairs of his's a little wet but I think Jesus made this criminal drop it. (ha-ha-ha !)

    I am googling night camera's to see if I can film our entire street...I am really tired of this.

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  6. SomeGuy
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    Costco has some day/night cameras with DVR/web interface. I don't have any direct experience with these systems but check it out:|79&N=4001405&Mo=32&No=12&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&cat=4802&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&topnav=

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  7. Super Joe
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    Around 3:30 this morning we called 911 when we observed someone trying car doors on 45th Ave. To the north of Alaska.

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  8. Did you happen to give any description?
    One or several people?

    Did the police say they were sending anyone to the area for a drive by?

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  9. garcka1
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    We are At 47th & Oregon and my car has been broken in 2 times this summer (most recent one the first week of Aug.). The first time there was nothing in there and the second time they took the car manual and the faceplate to the stereo but not the stereo and ripped out the ipod wire connection. The driver door has multiple vertical scratches next to the handle with new ones being added all the time. Think I'm going to get a security camera.

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  10. I know this is probably not needed, but, once again...if you value it for any reason, do NOT leave it in your car. Take it inside with you. Take the temptation out of breaking in to your car.

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