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Building a garage

  • Started 2 years ago by pennidogg
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  1. pennidogg
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    My husband and I are kicking around the idea of building a detached garage, but are not sure where to start. Neither of us has tackled a project like this. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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  2. Hi pennidogg, You might want to contact WSB Sponsor Ventana Construction.

    It sounds like you are planning on building the garage yourself, and Ventana regularly has Workshops, (free, I believe) for folks.

    The page I linked to in their name has a couple examples of garage rebuilds they have done.

    I have to give the disclaimer that I have never used their services, but a good friend of mine, and WSB regular poster, is currently getting her house rebuilt post the fire that damaged it last year, and I think she is truly in love with them ;-).


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  3. funkietoo
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    Seconded Mike's recommendation of Ventana Construction. I'm Mike's friend that is not only in love with them, but also beyond impressed with the outstanding quality of their work, managing to budget and timely communications.

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  4. pennidogg
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    Thank you for the recommendation, I'll check out Ventana Contruction. I think we need someone to hold our hand through the process and build it (as much as my husband feels he can do it himself), etc, we have never taken on a project this large.

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    I'm the owner of Paint the town painting in West Seattle and I highly recommend Bill Babb of Better Builders.He can walk you through the process and answer any questions you have.

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