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Best Forum Topic of 2012?

  1. Please tell me your favorite forum topic for 2012. If it's one that fires my imagination, I'll create a special graphic for it.

    On December 31st, I'll compile a list of all the submissions, and then maybe we can have a vote.


    One submission per person, please! Serious or sad topics are allowed, but I won't be making any cute graphics to go along with those. Sorry.

    Thank you.


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  2. redblack
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    the hum is back, circa september.

    graphic that one up!

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  3. celeste17
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    Anything to do with MIWS

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  4. 2 Much Whine
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    2 Much Whine

    I vote for a series of posts referred to as SWIWS (Some Where In West Seattle). They are always fun.

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  5. MercyMoi
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    My fave of 2012 were H's journal entries on tent city life. I miss those and think about her often.

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  6. I was thinking H's journal as well.

    (And thanks, Celeste!) *blush*


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  7. redblack
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    so far:

    2 votes for H's journal
    1 vote for anything with miws in it
    1 vote for SWIS
    1 vote for the return of the hum

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  8. Aw c'mon people. Think harder. You can do it.

    Remember this?


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  9. MercyMoi
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    Good one, DBP! It's against the rules to make more than one suggestion but no one else is how about I tell you another fave and you can ignore it or whatever (depends on how srict the rules are). I often think about the "TJ's Rant" when someone spotted children left alone in a car in their parking lot.

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  10. Fair enough, eminem. Consider it open for repeat nominators. Thus:

    2 votes for H's journal
    1 vote for miws (as a Blog topic)
    1 vote for SWIWS
    1 vote for Return of the Hum
    1 vote for the TJ's Children-in-Car Rant
    1 vote for the Lincoln Park 'Go Ape' Zipline

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  11. how about the political discussions before the presidential election...?

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  12. "2012 Prez. Election"

    Got it.

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  13. Single digits of West Seattle High School seniors unable to concentrate on their studies because graduation ceremonies have been moved from the Seattle Center to West Seattle.

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  14. "The Great WSHS Graduation Kerfuffle"

    Got it.

    As an adjunct to that we could have "Local Elementary School Cancels Halloween" -- but that was really more of a front-page thing than a forum thing, wasn't it?

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  15. that was my most eye rolling main page topic for the year. Very close to meanders move to White Center, axis of evil.

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  16. redblack
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    i just want to see someone make the hum into something visual. and not with an oscilloscope. kind of like sauron taking physical form.

    and if we like something better than out initial vote, can we change it? or will you bring the county elections board down on me? or maybe eric holder...

    never mind.

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  17. My favorites are the ones where we find out a dog has been reunited with it's owner. I can't think of one in particular, they all warm my heart!

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  18. The gift left on a park bench along Harbor Avenue...

    That's a gift that keeps on giving. We need more of that in this world...

    Happy New Year West Seattleites!

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  19. LisaM: "Dog Reunited With Owner"


    Yes, there's a bunch of them. "Jessie" was probably the best, because that pooch was leading us on a wild goose chase for a while.

    Pibal, can you post a link to the gift-on-a-park-bench thread so I can have a look at that?

    redblack, I'll try to do a Survey Monkey-type survey form for people to do the final vote with. That way lurkers can get involved too. At the present time, we're just collecting nominations.

    In the meantime, is this the "Sauron" you're talking about?

    Hey everyone! This is what redblack sees whenever he hears The Hum.

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  20. MercyMoi
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    The gift on the park bench was a main page story. A woman left a gift in honor of her deceased sister and a teenage girl (I believe) found it. It was very heart warming, but sadly not a forum topic.

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    Interesting thread here. At this point I am only working on one year-in-review story, the "most commented-on stories of the year" (and 85 comments did not put this one in the top 10) but having this one brought up again makes me think I might spend some time fishing around in the archives for a few similar highlights - the stories people send us, that we never would have heard of otherwise. This was a gem. Thanks for remembering.


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  22. Oops. Thanks MercyMoi and TR.

    DBP, the park bench gift was a main page - not a forum - topic so I guess that makes it ineligible for consideration here. Maybe Tracy will find a place for it in the 2012 Year in Review.

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  23. Many front-page stories do find their way into the forum section, but I guess the park bench gift wasn't one of them. More's the pity.

    You know, I've always found this front page/forum dichotomy baffling. I've noticed that some folks will get really exercised about a front-page news story, speaking out in the most melodramatic way. But then you never see them following up in the forum section, even when they know how it works. It turns out that, for all their tuff talk, these people never actually wanted to get involved in whatever it was. In fact, they never even wanted to get into a serious discussion about it. They just wanted to shake their fist.

    I give no credence to these types. All sound and fury . . . they signify nothing.

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  24. OK, I've taken the Survey Monkey survey-building tool for a spin and I'm going to put a link to the survey up later today.

    But first I need to know if you have any more topics you'd like to add. Here's what we've got so far:

    ► The Hum is Back

    ► Lost Dogs Returned to Owners (e.g., "Jessie")

    ► miws (Mike Stahl)

    ► Somewhere In West Seatte

    ► Go Ape Zipline at Lincoln Park

    ► 2012 Presidential Election

    ► The Journal of H

    ► West Seattle High Graduation Ceremony Kerfuffle

    ► Meanders Moves to White Center

    ► Eric Holder / Operation Fast and Furious


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  25. Here it is . . .

    There are 10 forum topics, and you rank them from most favorite (1) to least favorite (10).

    Estimated time: <2 minutes

    I'll collect the results and give you a summary report sometime tomorrow.

    Have fun!


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  26. This might be your last chance to tell the world how much The Hum really means to you.

    Or how little Eric Holder does.

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  27. my favorite forum topic was by kootchman (yeah no, really :)

    (I'm pretty sure it was 2012) my husband did a rendering for kootchman, and he's had some good freelance rendering work from kootchman's company ever since. made our year a little better. happy for hubby to have found some confidence-building (and paying) work. thanks to kootchman!

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  28. Yeah. Happy New Year, kootch. Wherever you are!


    Survey results are in. With 21 people responding, here is the topic list arranged in order of people's preference:

    #1 Journal of H (8 people liked this best)

    #2 Lost Dogs Returned to Owners (5 people liked this one best)

    #3 The Hum is Back (4 people)

    #4 miws (2 liked this best, 6 liked it second best)

    #5 Somewhere In West Seattle (1 best, 5 second, 8 third)

    #6 Go Ape Zipline (1 best, 7 seventh)

    #7 2012 Election (0 best, 4 sixth, 5 seventh)

    #8 WSHS Graduation Kerfuffle (0 best, 8 eighth)

    #9 Meanders Move to WC (0 best, 4 sixth, 4 ninth)

    #10 Eric Holder / Operation F-n-F (0 best, 12 tenth)


    No surprises on some of these, right? Like WSHS Graduation, for example. Gina noted when she nominated it that it was not a nomination, but rather an anti-nomination. And I suspect that redblack, bless his heart, had an ulterior motive in suggesting Eric Holder. Still . . . I am a little surprised that the 2012 Presidental Election didn't do better in the ratings. I mean, there were literally thousands of posts on that subject, were there not? Do you suppose people were faking it all that time?

    While people were banging away at their keyboards, trembling in ecstacy, and crying out: "Oh yes, YES!!!! Obama in 2012!!!" -- were they secretly fantasizing about another topic?

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  29. redblack
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    that's some funny stuff, DP.

    but i was seriously not nominating the fast and furious thing for a topic. i really really really do not want eric holder - or you - scrutinizing my forum posts.

    i might get disappeared.

    like kootchman did.

    no, i'll stick with the hum.

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  30. Soooooooo DBP, since it was the most read topic, is there any possibility of hearing more from "H?" She definitely touched my heart, but she was gone too soon for me to help.

    Posted 2 years ago #         
  31. Rags, thanks for your kindness. FWIW, there were offers of assistance. Ironically, some of the neediest people can also be the hardest to help.

    As far as posting more journal entries, I wish I could, but if I've learned anything from this experience it's that there are some stories that can't be told without hurting people. In the end, I decided it was best to quit tempting fate.

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