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Attempted burglary in Westwood

  • Started 5 years ago by thansen
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  1. thansen
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    My neighbor on 37th Ave SW near Westwood has been robbed once and there have two more unsuccessful attempts. Today was one of them, several of us saw the guy's car - Silver Honda with license number 118VJ-, the driver's side mirror is hanging down and there are strips of blue painter's tape trying to keep it on. He's 20ish, small/medium build with blond hair.

    The block watch captain on 38th said the same guy has been seen on their street.

    If anyone sees the car, please call the police, and give them address of where the car is.


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  2. Edited to take out one digit. No complete personal identifying information for third parties - full addresses, license plate numbers, names, etc., whether crime stories or not, unless police have put out a specific APB. If they have the plate, they should know where to find the guy. (And it's also possible that the plate itself was stolen, as happens in too many cases, and therefore you're putting up full identifying info for somebody completely innocent.) Thanks, adding this link to the CW page.

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  3. About 3 months ago, a young blonde man tried to break into my house on 34th near Westwood also...I reported it quickly to the police and he was found two blocks up and taken in. He was on foot though. I wonder if he is the same guy?

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  4. We live on 37th near Westwood and our DVD Players were stolen from our vehicle early Saturday morning, real bummer, no dvds for the kids...

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