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Alternatives to Comacast?

  1. Matthew
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    Hello all, happy new year.

    I am sure this has been discussed before, but are there any alternatives for high speed internet and cable? Comcast is expensive and the costs seem to keep increasing. My service just went up by 54 bucks after year of service, I think it was expected but it still hurts.

    I only use Comcast because I do not know of any high speed cable that can compare. I would love to switch to a different company and I am fine without the cable tv service.


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  2. Patrick
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    That would depend on where you live. WAVE Broadband serves part of the 98126 area and Century Link has high speed fiber to parts of West Seattle. We've had the high speed fiber from C-Link for over 2 years and it's roughly the same a Comcast.

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  3. hooper1961
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    out of curiosity was Comacast spelling in error or in just.

    alternatives are over the airwaves TV and cell phones with data plans (even more pricey)

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  4. First, I have never used this, but have seen the commercials for it. It's available in 98116 zip code according to them:

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  5. Are there any cable internet options? My new place in 98126 has cable hookups and like many I am frustrated with slow expensive comcast.

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  6. sadly, comcast has a monopoly on cable, as far as I know...

    I use C-link, perfectly happy with them. What does Comcast cost these days after the initial cheap rate expires?

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  7. Comcast has the exclusive contract with the City

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  8. the comcast monopoly and customer service may be a problem but slow internet is not one of its problems in 98106. 10+ years and hardly any problems with the internet service. currently get about 24Mbps down and 3Mbps up. I have the $62/mo plan with only internet.

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  9. trickycoolj
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    Comcast is one of the better speeds out there, if you buy your own modem on Amazon or at Best Buy for $50-80 you'll recoup the cost in about 10 months and save the $7 rental fee. I think they have a value connection for around $30. I subscribe to blast (got it free last year) and get something like 50mpbs down which is great since I primarily use Netflix and hulu.

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  10. Matthew, the question is... do you want all those channels with a DVR or is your viewing habit limited?

    If you are a sports junkie or a cable news junkie you have to stay with cable or a dish.

    You have options if you are not married to those channels.

    Dish Network has the cheapest rates but Directv is bundled with Century Link.

    Here is what I do.
    I pay for broadband through Comcast.
    I pay $8 bucks a month for Hulu Plus and $9.00 for Netflix. I paid a one time fee of $44 to the NFL to watch my favorite teams games all season. Just not live.
    I am thinking about getting Amazon Prime and paying $79 a year and dropping Hulu. I can go to Redbox and rent a flick for $1.20.

    I could go to a Roku box too.

    Regardless, By the way, "irregardless" is not a word, but there are options if you are not tied to certain channels.

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  11. Big Bling
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    Irregardless IS a word. Check it out on the Merriam Webster website. Not a common one and not preferred, but it is a word. I do not like the sound of it so do not use it. Somehow, it just grates on the ears.

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  12. Big Bling. You are right. It is not a proper word. It is a word and I don't use it either. I stand corrected. Thank You.

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