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Alley Garbage Fiasco

  • Started 2 years ago by Comment
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  1. Comment
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    At least once a weak, my neighbor's garbage bin is laying down in the alley, with garbage littered all over the alley because of crows and wind. It is an apartment/town home building, with a tall, black, round garbage can. Since it isn't a house, there is a lack of responsibility on who should clean it up, and most often, it is their neighbors who clean it up for them.

    Who can I officially complain to? How can I fix this problem? I'm tired of my alley being disgusting, and tired of my dog chewing on pieces of my neighbor's garbage (it blows into my yard). Please help.

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  2. I'd ask the landlord of the complex about it.

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  3. Spring Chicken
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    Spring Chicken

    It's happening near us, too! The alley was fairly tidy before a certain person moved in, but now whenever the can tips (at least weekly) she just uprights it then picks up a small circle of trash around it. She leaves a mess up and down the alley!

    Neighbors, it's still your trash, even after critters or wind spread it a few feet away! Please clean up after yourselves!

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  4. WSratsinacage
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    Once a week is weak. Hope the can owner gets it together!

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  5. Ms. Sparkles
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    If you know whose garbage it is, start packaging it up and leave it on their front door step with a note say "I believe these belong to you." Yes you will still be picking up after them, but you'll no longer be suffering in silence...and there's a slim chance it will entice them to be more careful / pick it up themselves.

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  6. Speak to your neighbors directly. No harm in actually communicating.

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  7. luckymom30
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    If you don't get anywhere after speaking to the building owner or landlord contact City of Seattle Dept. of Planning and Development:

    Code Enforcement/Complaint Response
    In most instances, DPD begins investigating a code violation
    and taking enforcement action when a citizen reports
    a potential violation. If you think you know of a potential
    violation, you may report it in any of the following ways:
    1. Online:
    2. By phone: DPD Complaint Hotline, (206) 615-0808
    3. In person: DPD Code Compliance, 19th floor of
    Seattle Municipal Tower, 700 Fifth Ave., Seattle
    4. By letter to: DPD Code Compliance, 700 Fifth Ave.,
    Suite 2000, P.O. Box 34019, Seattle, WA 98124-4019

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  8. WorldCitizen
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    Thank you! There's quite a number of people in this community who seem to think calling the authorities to deal with their own issues with their neighbors is a great first step. This is a community, right? It never hurts to offer help with a possible solution instead of calling someone in power.

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