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Ah...Tis the Season...

  1. 365Stairs
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    Just some reminders I have on my mind...

    If you are happy...let is show
    If you are grumpy...let it go
    If you are grumpy...please go find a happy person and ask them why they are so happy.

    Pick the battles that are worth it!

    Judge not...lest ye be judged
    Nobody is perfect.

    Slow will be happier.

    Slow your pace of all things in life for just this little while...(unless you are in an life/death Emergency).

    Tailgating will NOT get you there will always be behind another car...Leave some space! It is safer!

    Do not over promise and under committ. Learn that NO is OK...for the betterment of you.

    Find that thing which satifies and improves your you can (in time or now) improve others lives with that thing.

    Volunteer! Even an will be amazed!

    Please be Tech Free when it's family time! It will still be there later...

    Appreciate the little things. Lots of little things out there!

    Learn something new and be amazed that you did!
    Try something new and put a feather in your cap!

    Hug your kids...for no other reason than to hug.

    Be very kind to your pets...they are true pals who want nothing more than your attention!

    Give to Live!

    Be Accountable!

    Listen more...

    and finally...(today I learned)...

    "I understand"

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  2. westcoastdeb
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    My favorite, and constant challenge is to amaze myself in some small way every day - learn something, do something, think something that you never thought you could.

    Really, though, I need to work on the over-promising thing.

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  3. You can't change and are not responsible for what others think. But you can be responsible for yourself.
    And smile when you see houses all lit up.

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